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The Challenge is for all HBO students in Netherlands, and starts 13th September 2022 with a LIVE Kick-off “The World of Food waste” by Stichting Samen Tegen Voedselverspilling, at HAS Hogeschool.

There are two options for participating:

1) Participation in 7 ONLINE evening masterclasses organised by several Universities of Applied Sciences, and work on 5 SMALL 8 hour challenges in multidisciplinary groups: you will receive a certificate, proof of participation (SILVER)

2) Participation in 7 ONLINE evening masterclasses, work on the 5 SMALL 8 hour challenges in multidisciplinary groups AND you work on a real life BIG challenge, which you pitch in februari: you will receive a certificate,  proof of participation (GOLD). By pitching your BIG project, you will compete for the ZERO Food Waste Award in March 2023.

7 Masterclasses in 6 months

The 7 evening masterclasses (partly live/ partly online) will all be held on Tuesday evenings from 19.00-21.30.

The dates and the topics of the masterclasses:

  • 13 sept 2022 - LIVE: The world of Food waste (inspiration and formation of groups, presentation and matching of BIG challenges) - Location: HAS, onderwijsboulevard 221, 's-Hertogenbosch
  • 4 okt 2022 - ONLINE: How to measure food waste?
  • 11 oktober 2022 - ONLINE: How to analyse the system that creates food waste?
  • 8 nov 2022 - ONLINE: How to prevent food waste by analysing human behaviour?
  • 29 nov 2022 - ONLINE: How to prevent food waste with design thinking interventions?
  • 13 dec 2022 - ONLINE: How to create new value with food waste?
  • 10 jan 2023 - ONLINE: How to pitch your food waste project?
  • Deadline submission of pitches end January 2023

Working on SMALL and BIG challenges

5 SMALL 8 hour challenges

  • 5 SMALL 8 hour challenges will be started during each masterclass. You will start working during the masterclass in your group en hand in the results online within 2 days. The SMALL challenges can be finished within the scope of 8 hours.

BIG Challenges

BIG Challenges: a choice of several challenges will be presented on september 13th. BIG challenges can be done in several weeks up to 6 months, depending on the amount of time you can spend within your module.

  • We will provide for several generic BIG challenges that can be performed within your own education course in groups or alone. A few examples:
  1. Analyse the current food waste streams in your school, present an infographic of the waste streams and discuss possible solutions for these waste streams
  2. Choose a specific food waste hotspot (a spot where food waste is created), measure the food waste, discuss with stakeholders the reason behing the food waste, make an iceberg model analysis, create a food waste intervention and test the results. Did the intervention have an influence on the food waste?
  • We will also provide several specific BIG challenges from third parties such as food/ food service companies / other companies from which you can choose.

Vragen? Neem contact op.

Lector Design methoden in Food

Antien Zuidberg

Lector Design methoden in Food


T: +3188 8903885

Samen tegen voedselverspilling!
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