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Teacher story Gracia

Hi! My name is Gracia Ribas, I am originally from Mexico and I have been working at HAS green academy for 3.5 years.

Previous work

Upon completing my undergraduate studies in agronomy with a specialization in crop sciences at a Mexican university, I pursued postgraduate studies in plant breeding and plant biotechnology in the UK.

After the completion of my doctoral studies I worked doing research in a wheat breeding programme for three years. In 2011, my family and I relocated to the north of Italy where I worked as maize breeder for six years. In 2017, I had the opportunity to return to Mexico to work as lecturer of agriculture at a private university.

For family reasons, I moved back to Italy where I worked for two years selecting corn hybrids for the South of Europe. And now, I work at HAS green academy.

Working at HAS

After my return to Italy in 2018 I was looking for a job in teaching. Then, in 2020, I saw an advertisement for a vacancy as a crop lecturer for International Food & Agribusiness (IFA) at HAS. This was a good match for my knowledge and skills. Basically, I ticked all the boxes for the job, so it was a no-brainer to submit my an application!

As I do not speak Dutch, I have my small bubble in the IFA community at HAS. Within my job, I collaborate with the Horticulture & Business Management programme and in the English taught specialisation on plants in the Applied Biology programme. I am very grateful to have such nice colleagues and find great enjoyment in my work.

I enjoy seeing the development both personally and professionally of the students during their studies.

The best part of the job

In my job, what I find most fulfilling is the opportunity to interact with students and share my experiences and knowledge with them. Equally important is the chance to learn from both my colleagues and the students themselves.

Witnessing the growth and development of students, both personally and professionally, throughout their studies is something I take great pride in. It is gratifying to see them progress during their studies to become confident young professionals in the agri-food sector, and knowing that I have contributed to their journey is rewarding.

Tips for students

For students, my advice is to fully engage in your time at HAS green academy. Be active in class, ask questions, and contribute. Make the most of the resources available to you and embrace opportunities for growth both academically and personally. Enjoy your journey as a student and make it count!