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Teacher story Isabella

My name is Isabella Visschers and I work as a Plant lecturer at the HAS since 2020. Initially at location Venlo, but since recently I can be found in Den Bosch.

Working with students

After studying Biology at Radboud University, I completed my PhD on thrips resistance in paprika and pepper. During my academic years, I spent several months conducting research in Thailand and India. During my PhD, I had the opportunity to supervise several students. Additionally, I worked at Radboud University's Pre-University College of Science (PUC), where I delivered guest lectures and practical sessions for secondary school students in plant physiology and ecology. Supporting students' growth and development has always inspired me, and it is a significant reason why I eventually chose to work at HAS.

After my PhD, I worked at Botany in Meterik as an entomology project leader for several years. While I enjoyed the role, I missed the connection with students. So, in 2020, I joined HAS as a lecturer/advisor in Plant and Applied Biology.

I am currently based in Den Bosch, working in the “Tuin en Akkebouw”, Horticulture & Business Management, and Applied Biology programmes. I am involved in plant education across all four years of these programmes. Additionally, I coach several students and serve on the Education Committee for “Tuin en Akkerbouw”/Horticulture & Business Management.

Why work at HAS green academy?

The approachability and commitment of colleagues towards each other, as well as towards students, creates an amazing atmosphere at HAS. Even though I work for different programmes at the same time, me and my colleagues know how to find each other quickly. Walking back and forth between floors is no problem to quickly discuss matters. Students also regularly walk into the staff room to ask questions.

The enormous amount of knowledge and expertise among colleagues, along with the projects we run in close cooperation with the business sector, makes HAS an environment where you continue to learn, even as a lecturer. Essential for lifelong development!

Daring to aim for what you really like is something that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Work satisfaction

What I love most about my job is the diversity in my work! The combination of coaching and guiding students, teaching in-depth knowledge and various skills, creating a safe learning environment, and my work on the education committee ensures that working at HAS is never boring. Since I interact with students from different years and courses, I constantly adjust my guidance and teaching strategies. It’s a challenge, but it makes my day very diverse.

One of the greatest joys in my work is witnessing the development students undergo. This can be seen in the relatively short term, such as during a graduation assignment, but also throughout their entire time at HAS. As a teacher, you support the learning process, but ultimately it is the student who must do the work. Therefore, I am immensely proud of what students manage to achieve at HAS.

Tips for students

Dare to depart from the path you initially set out on if it turns out it doesn't suit you after all. During your studies, you will learn a lot about yourself and may gain new insights. Pursuing what you truly enjoy is something that will benefit you for the rest of your life.