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Student story Francisco

Because of his background in pharmacy and nutrition, Francisco was interested in related fields such as agrochemicals and plant nutrition. That is why HAS green academy was the best option for him.

Study topics

Francisco has learned a lot during his time at HAS: “I am familiar with important subjects like plant nutrition, pest control and for example how a breeding program is carried out.” All the content is always applied in a practical case. For Francisco this makes it much easier to understand and reminder it.

Study trip to Greece

Together with the other students, Francisco made a study trip to Greece, where they visited a few companies every morning. The rest of the day they went to the beach, had a drink or did activities like hiking. A really great time! For Francisco, the most exciting thing about the study is that he can apply the knowledge during an internship. “The amount of fields and companies that can be chosen in any country is overwhelming!”