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Dutch-taught bachelor programmes


HAS green academy offers 16 Dutch-taught 4 year bachelor programmes in agriculture, food and living environment. Together with your fellow students you will work on current issues affecting businesses and organisations. You will develop practical solutions that contribute to a healthy environment and ensure food security. Both in the Netherlands and abroad. Discover it!
Start date
Study duration
4 year
Learning path

Dutch-taught bachelor programmes

Animal Husbandry

Do you have a passion for animals and would you like to turn it into a job? Then the Livestock farming Bachelor’s programme is for you! You will learn all about keeping animals professionally. All aspects will be discussed, from biology and technology to business administration and marketing.

Animal Husbandry (in Dutch)
Applied Biology

How do you tackle plant diseases in the cultivation of organic peppers? How do you get cows to produce more milk while maintaining their quality of life? With Applied Biology, you will be looking for answers to such questions. In this bachelor programme you will study plants, animals, food and ecology to contribute to a sustainable living environment.

Applied Biology (in Dutch)
Applied Geo-Information Science

Are you going to develop an interactive map about the impact of native exotics in our country, or design an app that calculates the shortest route to a charging station for electric cars? The Applied Geo-Information Science bachelor programme puts you in a position to provide insight into spatial challenges related to current topics, such as urbanisation, flooding and biodiversity.

Applied Geo-Information Science (in Dutch)
Business Administration & Agribusiness

Does your heart belong to the agricultural sector? Then the bachelor programme Business Administration & Agribusiness is right for you. Here, you will discover the business side of the plant, animal and food sector. You will learn how to take care of financial matters, how to solve logistical problems and how to develop marketing concepts.

Business Administration & Agribusiness (in Dutch)
Business Administration & Foodbusiness

The bachelor’s programme Business Administration & Foodbusiness focuses on the trade, distribution, marketing and financial side of the food sector. Both nationally and internationally. In four years you will develop a broad, business-oriented vision of the food sector. In short, you learn a lot about the business side of the food sector.

Business Administration & Foodbusiness (in Dutch)
Environmental Innovation

Are chemistry and biology your favourite subjects? In the Dutch-taught bachelor programme Environmental Innovation you use chemistry and biology to later advise companies on zero waste production, sparing raw materials and contribution to prosperity and a healthy environment.

Environmental Innovation (in Dutch)
Food Innovation

Do you enjoy being creative with food or do you want to contribute to a better world by developing healthy products and sustainable packaging? Then the Food Innovation bachelor programme is the right fit for you! You will learn how to convert ideas into concepts and how to successfully launch them.

Food Innovation (in Dutch)
Food Technology

Will you help changing the process of brewing beer so that less energy is needed for the production? Or are you curious about extending the storage life of food products in a safe way? In the Food Technology bachelor’s programme, you will learn all about the world behind the label.

Food Technology (in Dutch)
Horticulture & Arable Farming

Do you want to work in a sector that is increasingly important for the production of our food and all plants and flowers? This is what the bachelor programme Horticulture & Arable farming will prepare you for. You will learn about plant breeding, plant physiology and precision farming. Yet, you will also get courses such as business administration, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Horticulture & Arable Farming (in Dutch)
Spatial and Environmental Planning

We have only one earth and we have to take good care of it. This means we need to think about how to arrange our environment. You will learn all about this in the bachelor programme Spatial and Environmental Planning. Do you like to spend time in the outdoors and are you into biology and geography? Then this programme is for you!

Spatial and Environmental Planning (in Dutch)

A few key figures about our international community

  • 92%
    Graduate in 4 years
  • 90%
    Job (after 1,5 year after graduating)
  • 50 +
    International students

Admission requirements

International students can apply for the Dutch-taught programmes if they have completed at least 6 years of secondary school and their diploma is an equivalent of the Dutch HAVO diploma. Once we have received your application, the level of your high school diploma will be evaluated by the International Office and the study advisor of the programme of your choice.

Language Requirements

All students who are not Dutch native speakers need to submit proof of their language skills before they can be admitted to a Dutch-taught programme.

  • NT2-certificate Dutch ór
  • Proof that you have followed education in Dutch until 3 HAVO / 3 VWO


You can register for our bachelor’s study programmes via Studielink from 1 October 2022. You must complete your application before the 1st of May 2023, in order to have admission right (if you meet the admission requirements).


Create a studielink account

You can set up a Studielink account via www.studielink.nl and log in directly.

NOTE: If you are a Dutch citizen or have a Dutch Citizen Service Number (BSN), use your DigiD code to log in.
If you are a Dutch citizen or have a Dutch BSN and do not yet have a DigiD, you should apply for one here. You will find your BSN on your passport or Dutch ID card.

When using Studielink for the first time, we recommend you look at the Studielink Help section.

Register via Studielink

Once you have chosen your study programme and have set up your Studielink account, the next step is to complete your registration via Studielink by filling in your personal data.


Upload required documents

We will send you an email containing a personal link taking you to a web-based application with instructions on how to upload the required documents.

You need to upload the following documents within 4 weeks after your registration in Studielink, ultimately before the 1st of June:(If you apply after 1 May, you need to send us all required documents within 72 hours after registration)

  1. A recent passport photo in colour (scanned as separate .jpg file, 3x4 cm, 200x300 pixels, max. 50 mb, 200 DPI. We cannot use a photo in pdf file.)
  2. A copy of your valid passport or ID card (front and back)
  3. A copy of your Dutch residence permit (if applicable)
  4. Your curriculum vitae
  5. A copy of your list of marks (If you have not yet graduated, you need to upload a list of marks including your results so far)
  6. A certified copy of your secondary school diploma or other prior education diploma or certificate (The certified copy of your secondary school diploma is required, but may be uploaded later if you have not yet graduated. Deadline: Before 15 August. Important: please specify the exact name of your diploma in the title of the scanned document.
  7. Your IELTS/ TOEFL / Cambridge ESOL test results (The test result is required, but may be uploaded later if you have not yet obtained it. Deadline: Before 1 July. Important: This is not applicable if you have completed your entire prior education in English or if you have obtained a diploma of secondary education that is listed on the Diploma List.)

If you can’t provide us with a certificate of your language proficiency due to the Corona-crisis before 1st of July, please inform us on international@has.nl.

Once you are admitted: pay tuition fees

Before you can start your study programme at HAS green academy, you will need to pay your tuition fees.

If you are an EU student you can submit an authorisation for direct debit via Studielink from 1 June. You need to set up the Direct Debit before 1 July.

If you are a non-EU student you will receive an invoice by email together with your (provisional) admission letter.

You can find more information about tuition fees and other costs, as well as information on payment details on our Payment of tuition fees page.

Financial matters
Practical preperations

Once you are admitted you can start your practical preparations, for instance:

  • Looking for a place to stay. More information can be found on our Accommodation Service page.
  • Preparing the documents for your visa application (if applicable). More information can be found on our Immigration formalities page.

Note: The International Office will contact you before the summer holidays with up-to-date practical information on:

  • Welcome Days (mandatory for all new full-degree international students)
  • Registering in the Netherlands
  • Academic Calendar
  • Required literature and requirements for your laptop


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