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HAS green academy

Since September 2022, HAS University of Applied Sciences has had a new name: HAS green academy. This name confirms the shift HAS is making towards a future as the go-to centre of expertise for agriculture, food and the living environment in the south of the Netherlands. In the video below we tell you more about this.

75th anniversary

HAS is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. Since 1947, the educational institution has grown from an agricultural college into a versatile higher professional education institution where students and professionals can go for education, research, expertise and advice.

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Momentum and progress

The size and complexity of the social issues in the field of agriculture, food and the living environment call for new answers and new solutions. As an explorer from, for and with the green sector, HAS actively seeks connections and opportunities to this end with a focus on making our environment healthier and ensuring food security.

Our new name reinforces this. HAS green academy stands for momentum and progress. An academy is a place to learn, explore and exchange ideas and arrive at new perspectives and viewpoints. For practice-based research, local, national and international entrepreneurship. In this way, we are anticipating new forms of education to be developed such as associate degrees, professional doctorates, masters and micro-credentials. 

New corporate identity 

A new name calls for a new corporate identity. This will be phased in gradually and in well-considered steps. In this process, HAS will consider natural replacement or purchase moments from a sustainability and cost perspective. With a completely revamped website and a new campaign aimed at pupils as the first visible manifestations. All other manifestations will be replaced during this academic year.

The colour green is the main colour in our corporate identity. It stands for growth and development of the professionals of today and tomorrow in agriculture, food and the living environment and with that, for growth and development of the sectors in which they operate.

Want to see more of our new identity? Check out our HAS green academy showreel!

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