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Information for new students

Welcome to HAS green academy! To get you started as a new student, you'll find all kinds of useful information here.

IFA students HAS green academy

Find out how to pay your tuition, what kind of laptop you'll need while studying and how to find housing in the Netherlands.

Paying your tuition fee

The deadline for paying the tuition fee is 1 May for non-EU students and 1 July for EU students. You can pay the fee at once, or in instalments.  

If you are a student from a SEPA country (all EU countries + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, Switzerland) you can pay the tuition fee by setting up a direct debit from June onwards. If you are admitted to one of our study programmes you will automatically receive information when it is possible to set up the direct debit. If you are a non-EU student (excluding students from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, and Switzerland) you will receive an invoice from HAS green academy.  

Payment options

Paying the tuition fee at once

If you decide to pay your tuition fees in a single payment, the full amount will be taken from the bank account you gave us, on 1 September 2024. 

Paying in instalments

You can also pay the tuition fees in 9 instalments. The administration charge for paying in instalments is €24.00. This fee will also be taken from your account on 1 September 2024, together with the 1st instalment. 

The 9 instalments from the bank account number you gave us will be charged on the following dates: 

  1. 11-09-2024



  3. 26-11-2024


  4. 26-12-2024


  5. 26-01-2025


  6. 26-02-2025


  7. 26-03-2025


  8. 26-04-2025


  9. 26-05-2025

Setting up a direct debit

Go to studielink: https://app.studielink.nl/front-office/ (or select the UK flag on www.studielink.nl) and log in with your username and password (or DigiD if you are registered in the Netherlands). If you haven’t already done so, you can set up your account on this page first. 

Under the header “My To Do List” you will find “Submit your payment details”. 

You will be asked to fill in details such as the account number, the name of your bank, who will be paying, if you want to make a single payment or payment in instalments. 

Continue filling in the required details until you have clicked on “Confirm”. 

If you have any questions while submitting your details, you will find answers to most of your questions in the Q&A section on the Help section on the website of studielink.  

If you use the option: “I will pay” you will receive a message in Studielink to authorise the direct debit yourself. Only then the authorisation will be definite. If you use the option: “Someone else will pay” you will receive a mail which you must pass on to the person who will be paying. They can log in using their user name and password and confirm that they will be paying your tuition fee. 
Please note that the dates of the instalments mentioned in Studielink are not correct. You will find the correct dates above under 'Paying in instalments'. 

Before you come to the Netherlands

Make sure you have arranged everything you need for your visa and residence permit (for non-EU students) and for your registration as a citizen in the Netherlands. Check our page Immigration for all the details. 

Also, make sure you have the right insurance. This includes health insurance (mandatory by law), liability insurance and legal assistance. Check out the website Study in Holland for more information about insurance possibilities. If you are a non-EU student, HAS green academy applies for an insurance on your behalf that covers the items above for the first year of your studies. 

Welcoming Days

Each year HAS green academy facilitates the Welcoming Days for you as a new international student. 

Make sure to be in the Netherlands on Thursday the 29th of August until Friday the 30th of August during the Welcoming Days. 

This week consist of settling in, practical matters and lots of fun activities to get to know our University of Applied Sciences, the city 's-Hertogenbosch and your new classmates and teacher. 

  • Thursday 29th of August: the day begins at 8.30 hr and ends at 17.00 hr. 
  • Friday 30th of August: the day begins at 9.00 hr and ends at 15.00 hr. 

The Welcoming Days are mandatory for incoming international full-degree students and we expect all incoming exchange students to participate.

Info about your study programme

Want to have a flying start with your new study programme? Check out their introduction program and have a look at the literature list.

Horticulture & Business Management

Start of the programme

Are you ready? On Tuesday the 3rd of September your first day at the study programme Horticulture and business management at the HAS in ‘s-Hertogenbosch will start

The programme will be as follows:

  • September 3rd: Welcome and introduction, including a tour
  • September 4th: First practical and introduction to lesson materials
  • September 5th: PBL Escape room, Pub Quiz and BBQ
  • September 6th: Farm games and lunch

Watch your mailbox because, at the beginning of July, you will receive a welcome letter by email with more information.

Welcome letter Dutch students

Welcome letter International students

Welcome letter Exchange students

Are you an international student? Then your schoolyear starts a bit earlier with the Welcoming days! These are Thursday the 29th of August and Friday the 30th of August.

List of literature

If you have any questions, please contact the study advisor.

Literature list HBM

International Food & Agribusiness

Start of the programme

Are you ready? On Friday the 30th of August your first day at the study programme International food and agribusiness at the HAS in ‘s-Hertogenbosch will start.

  • August 30th: Food truck lunch for all IFA students and lectures at HAS
  • September 2nd: Introduction at HAS (at 9 a.m.)
  • September 3rd: Online meeting with your coach + packing for trip to Texel
  • September 4th: 3-day trip to the island of Texel

Are you an international student? Then your schoolyear starts a bit earlier with the Welcoming Days! These start on Thursday the 29th of August until Friday the 30th of August.

Want to know more? Check out the welcome letter!

List of literature

If you have any questions, please contact the study advisor.

Literature list IFA

Laptop requirements

There are no computers available at HAS green academy. We expect you to bring your own device. There is a Wi-Fi network available. As some applications you’ll need to use for your studies cannot be used with a MacOs, we recommed to use a Windows-laptop. 

Below you will find the minimum requirements that your laptop must meet, to be able to get the most out of the facilities provided by HAS.

Laptop requirements checklist

  • Processor Intel Core i5. Or newer generations.
  • Screen resolution WXGA (1280x768)   
  • 8GB memory. Sufficient memory capacity required for a modern operating system. For example Windows 10.
  • 100GB spare hard drive memory. Needed for standard applications.
  • Wi-Fi standard IEEE 802.11n 2,4/5GHz. You will get the best connection with the wireless network at the HAS sites by using a laptop that supports Wi-Fi at 5GHz.
  • Long battery life. Power supplies are not always available
  • Windows 10 64-bit* 
  • MS Office / Office 365* (English language). HAS advises the most recent version of MS Office as offered by Microsoft. 
  • Up-to-date Antivirus en anti-malware.

Please ensure to at least have a laptop with Microsoft Office including MS-teams available prior to the start of your studies. 

After the start of your studies, so from 1 September, students who are registered at HAS green academy can purchase software such as MS Windows, Adobe CS Suite, SPSS etc. at significant discount from www.SurfSpot.nl.   

Academic calendar and holidays

Student life

Find accommodation

Are you looking for accommodation still? Find accommodation through our Accommodation Mediation Service or make use of one of the many websites to find a room, studio or appartment. 

Find out more on our page Housing.

Join the study assocation

Within HAS green academy the International Student Association (ISA) is a collection of diverse students who want a little extra out of their study. The association aims to stimulate students to mingle across various studies through social and educational events. Both International and Dutch students from all HAS programmes are welcome at ISA. Interested in becoming a member? Please send an e-mail to internationalstudentassociation@has.nl 

Login for students

As a student of HAS green academy, you log in with your student number, followed by @has.nl and the password of your HAS account. 





HAS on social media

Follow HAS green academy on Instagram and like us on Facebook. Note that during the summer holidays (mid July till 22 August) it will be more difficult to contact HAS green academy.

Already curious what current students are doing? Check out the study social media accounts!

Facebook Horticulture & Business Management 

Instagram International Food & Agribusiness