Once you have been accepted to study at HAS green academy, you will need to prepare for your stay in the Netherlands.

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One of the things you will need to take care of are the immigration formalities. They include arranging the right documents to register as a citizen of the Netherlands and collecting the documents for the visa application in case you are a non-EU citizen.

Entry visa

To enter the Netherlands for study purposes, nationals from most non-EU countries need an entry visa. An entry visa is a sticker which is placed in your passport at the Dutch Embassy or Consulate in your own country, but it’s important to apply for it well in advance. This requirement does not apply to nationals from Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, South Korea, USA and Vatican City. Once the entry visa is issued you need to travel to the Netherlands within 90 days after approval of the visa. 

The visa and residence permit application is a combined procedure. The International Office of HAS green academy will apply for these documents on your behalf through a fast-track procedure. It’s not possible to apply for this visa yourself. Check the factsheet to see whether you need an entry visa and residence permit for your time in the Netherlands.

Check the factsheet

Residence permit

Once in the Netherlands, a residence permit is required if you are a citizen of a non-EU / EEA country and you would like to stay in the Netherlands for a period of more than three months. The resident permit allows you to travel to all Schengen countries and back to the Netherlands as often as you want, while it is still valid. A residence permit will generally be issued for the entire period of your study. 

Registration in the Netherlands

If you will be residing in the Netherlands for your studies you will need to register at the municipality as an inhabitant of the Netherlands. During the Welcome Days the International Office will make sure arrangements are made so you can do so. Please make sure you bring along the required documents mentioned below from your home country. Your birth certificate must be legalized first, for use in the Netherlands. Do you want to know how to legalize your foreign document? Please, check the website of Netherlands and you. 

Documents you need for your registration

Passport / ID-card

Make sure your passport or ID-card is valid for the entire period of your studies in the Netherlands. 

Tenancy agreement

You will need a signed tenancy agreement for your registration. If you don’t have it, then you should bring proof of allowance of registration and habitation of the property owner.  

Birth certificate

You will need a legalized and translated (international) birth certificate (with apostille or legalization stamp). The translation needs to be carried out and stamped by a sworn translator. When the original document is clearly readable in English, French or German a translation is not needed.   

Pre-registration form

If you are going to live in 's Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch) or Rosmalen, you can fill out a pre-registration form.  You can get this from our International Office. Make sure to bring this upon arrival.  

Approval of Dutch immigration

Only needed for non-EU students. You will receive this document from our International Office, who has done the application for you, during the Welcome Days. 

Immigration law

As a consequence of the Immigration Law, HAS green academy is obliged to inform the Immigration & Naturalisation Service (IND) about the study progress of international students with a residence permit. 

HAS green academy will monitor the study progress of the students every academic year. A student needs to obtain at least 50% of the nominal study load. Students who are registered for an academic year should obtain at least 30 ECTS (an academic year is 60 ECTS). 

Monitoring process

Study progress - ECTS

After each academic year, the annual study progress of the students will be determined. In case the number of ECTS you have obtained does not meet the requirements, HAS will notify both you and the IND about the lack of your progress. If you have obtained less than 30 ECTS, your residence permit will be withdrawn by the IND.  

HAS will ask the international student for a written approval of the deregistration procedure. This procedure states that the academy will deregister international students who are obliged to have a Dutch residence permit – with or without prior notification – at the IND, in case of insufficient study progress. 

Exceptional cases

In exceptional cases HAS could decide not to notify the IND insufficient study progress of the student. Examples of excusable reasons are: 

  • Illness or pregnancy 
  • Physical, sensory or other functional disorders  
  • Exceptional family circumstances 

In case you are in a situation as described above, it is important to contact your coach or study advisor from the start. 

Questions? Contact our International Office