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HAS green academy is the university of applied sciences for agriculture, food and living environment. Together with your fellow students you will work on current issues affecting businesses and organisations. You will develop practical solutions that contribute to a healthy environment and ensure food security. Both in the Netherlands and abroad. Discover it!

Education at HAS

HAS green academy is a university of applied sciences in the south of the Netherlands and offers 4-year Bachelor (hbo in Dutch) programmes in the following fields:

  • Agriculture
  • Food
  • Living environment  

All Bachelor programmes at HAS are NVAO accredited. The NVAO is the Accreditation Organisation for higher education institutions of the Netherlands and Flanders. 

About the education system in the Netherlands

Bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degrees

Higher education in the Netherlands is organised around a 3 cycle degree system, consisting of:  

  • Bachelor’s, 
  • Master’s and 
  • PhD degrees. 

Dutch higher education has a binary system, which means that you can choose between 2 types of education: 

  • Professional higher education programmes offered primarily by universities of applied sciences, and
  • Research-oriented degree programmes offered primarily by research universities. 

HAS offers professional higher education programmes. 

Differences between a university of applied sciences and a research university

A university of applied sciences (in Dutch: 'hogeschool') offers programmes that focus on the practical application of arts and sciences. 

Getting practical work experience through internships (in the Netherlands and abroad) is an important part of the professional study programmes offered at these institutions, such as at HAS. It’s characteristics are: 

  • Professional / practical 
  • 4-year bachelor (with 1 year supervised practical training) 
  • Competency-based 
  • 450,000 students 

A research university is mainly responsible for offering research-oriented programmes in an academic setting. Many programmes at research universities also have a professional component and most graduates actually find work outside the research community. Characteristics of a research university are: 

  • Scientific / theoretical 
  • 3-year bachelor (no practical training) 
  • Modular 
  • 260,000 students 
Dutch Grading System

The Dutch grading system, used from elementary through university education is the 1 to 10 scale, in which 10 is the highest grade, 6 the minimum pass and 1 the lowest grade. Lecturers uniformly comment on the great difficulty in obtaining 9's and 10's and the respectability of 6's. There is also agreement that an 8 represents a high level of achievement, while grades 6 and 7 generally account for the majority of passing grades awarded.

  • The full-time workload per academic year is 60 ECTS (30 ECTS per semester).
  • 1 ECTS = 28 study load hours (including self-study hours).
  • For a Bachelor, 240 ECTS have to be obtained in total.

HAS Grading Distribution Table

The Grading Distribution Table is based on all passing grades awarded to the entire student population of HAS in course years 2013/2014 and 2014/2015.

Dutch grading marks and distribution percentages calculated at HAS:

6 -  53,7%
7 - 27,9%
8 - 14,8%
9 - 3,2%
10 - 0,4%


HAS green academy has provided the EGRACONS database with its up-to-date GDT, thus allowing all other Higher Education Institutions to interpret their students’ achievements during their studies at HAS green academy.

Check out the EGRACONS video

Our Bachelor programmes

HAS green academy offers 2 fully English-taught Bachelor programmes: 

Horticulture & Business Management 

International Food & Agribusiness 

If you speak Dutch, you can also choose one of our Dutch Bachelor programmes. 

All of the Bachelor programmes are 4 year, fulltime programmes. There are no programmes you can do parttime. 

Enrolling in one of the Bachelor programmes

You can register for an English-taught Bachelor study programme at HAS via www.studielink.nl. Studielink will send your details to HAS automatically. 

To enrol in one of the Bachelor programmes at HAS, you must meet the requirements set by the bachelor programme. If you don't meet the admission you can do an online deficiency test offered by HAS. When your previous education wasn't totally taught in English you have to do an IELTS (recommended), a TOEFL or a Cambridge test. Learn more about the admission requirements on our page about admission and preparation.

Admission and preparation

During your studies

Internships are a part of every HAS Bachelor programme and all HAS students go abroad during their studies. International experience is an advantage for finding a job at Higher Professional Education level. And having worked and lived outside your own country is also part of being a multicultural world citizen. Plenty of reasons for HAS green academy to make the international internship an integral part of the curriculum. 

Projects are also a part of each study programme. Especially for the last year of the Bachelor programme, you will have to execute a final project. 

About the internship and graduation


During the third year of your Bachelor studies, you will do your internship. Students of HAS can make use of the Erasmus+ programme* for an internship or study at a partner institution in 1 of the participating countries. To do so requires an Erasmus status, which makes a student eligible for an Erasmus Scholarship. HAS also welcomes students from its Erasmus+ partners for a study period in one of the English-taught programmes / courses.

For the internship abroad the internship coordinator coordinates all internship administration (internship agreement, etc.) and communication regarding the content of the internship. If you have any questions about the international internship, you can contact the mobility coordinators:  

Lars Mennen, Diana van Kralingen & Milicia de Kok
Mobility Coordinators    

* Erasmus+ is the European subsidy programme for Education, Youth and Sport. The programme supports student and staff mobility within Europe. HAS green academy has been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. 

Download the ECHE Erasmus+ programme 2021 - 2027.

Download the Erasmus Policy Statement - Erasmus+ programme 2021 - 2027.


4th year HAS students carry out a final project working on a key objective/issue for an organisation to  complete their studies under professional supervision of HAS. In the case of final projects HAS green academy follows a clear philosophy: students have to show that they are worth their diploma within a result-oriented environment.  

The professional assignment is carried out by a team of mostly 2 students, where each student contributes his or her expertise, interest and experience. More and more often we have multidisciplinary teams: in that case students from various study programmes are part of the team, for instance: 

  • food technology & food innovation,
  • environmental technology & business administration,
  • animal husbandry and meat technology. 

Practical information for international students


Once you have been accepted to study at HAS green academy, you will need to prepare for your stay in the Netherlands. This means first of all taking care of the immigration formalities. This includes registration at the municipality of 's Hertogenbosch and arranging a visa and residence permit. 

Working while studying

A way to (partly) finance your studies in the Netherlands is to get a student job. It will be an advantage if you are able to speak the Dutch language when finding a part-time job. Please note that once you take on a student job you need to get the Dutch basic healthcare insurance. More information about health care insurance can be found on the website of Study in Holland. 

For EU/EAA students 

As a citizen of a European Union member state you are allowed to work unlimitedly in the Netherlands. You need to make sure, however, that your work does not conflict with your studies and impedes your performance.  

For non-EU students 

Non-EU students who wish to get a student job need a work permit (TWV). Your employer needs to apply for this permit on your behalf. Non-EU students can choose between working for a maximum of 16 hours per week or a full-time summer job during June, July and August. It’s not allowed to do both. 

For internships 

You do not need a work permit for your internship or thesis period if you have a valid residence permit. However, HAS and your employer need to sign an internship agreement. Please note that exchange students (non-EU) who will come to the Netherlands for an internship only, do still need a work permit (TWK). All you need to know about working in The Netherlands can be found on the Study in Holland website. 


During your studies in the Netherlands you need to make sure you are well insured for: 

  • Health care (mandatory by law)  
  • Liability
  • Legal assistance  

Also, we advise you to take out proper insurance for luggage and repatriation. HAS green academy cannot be held liable if you do not have (sufficient) insurance cover. Every student enrolled at HAS green academy is expected to have fulfilled the insurance obligations. 

Want to know more about insurances? Check out the website Study in Holland. 

For EU/EEA students 

As an EU-student you should check whether your current insurance covers your stay in the Netherlands and whether or not you need an additional insurance. With a so-called European Health Insurance Card (which you can often get from your health insurer) you are covered for basic health care in the Netherlands. 

Please be aware that this does not necessarily mean that (all of) the costs are covered by your own health insurance. Please check this carefully with your own health insurer. If you do not have an EU health insurance card, you must have private health insurance. 

For non-EU students 

If you are a non-EU student, HAS green academy applies for an insurance on your behalf that covers the items above for the 1st year of your studies. After the 1st year it’s your own responsibility to take out adequate insurance. 

Please note the contract can be terminated (and refunded) if you find a paid internship/job that requires other insurance by law. 

Student discounts

As a student you can get discounts at various bars, restaurants, hairdressers, museums and cinemas in the Netherlands. In most cases you need to show your student card to get the discount. You will receive a digital student card in September. 

As a HAS student you can also get the software that you need for your studies via Surfnet, at a great discount. 

HAS students can also get a discount on their sports card at Sportiom with their student card. On the website of Sportiom you can find more information (in Dutch) about the sport facilities at Sportiom.

HAS Course Catalogue

Are you curious about the different modules that a course or minor offers? Then check out our coursecatalogue. There you will find all modules per course that you can follow during your course.

HAS Course Catalogue

Get to know ‘s Hertogenbosch

's-Hertogenbosch, or simply Den Bosch, is an attractive city. Not just according to the people in Den Bosch; it’s also apparent from various surveys carried out.

The city of 's Hertogenbosch offers excellent food in every price range, is a great place to go out and it has great theatres, films and festivals.

Surroundings 's-Hertogenbosch

It is only a 10-minute walk from HAS green academy to the city centre. A perfect stroll after a hard day’s studying!  

For more information about the city, see the website Visit Den Bosch

Get to know Venlo

Venlo is a global town on a provincial scale. It is set in a region full of energy, modern trade, excellent transport links and thriving industry along the Maas, just minutes from the German border. Vibrant Venlo is the cultural epicentre in the north of Limburg, the most southern province in the Netherlands.

With lots of activities, inspiring art, trendy festivals, exciting shops and welcoming terraces in the cosy historical town centre and on the modernised Maas Boulevard.

Surroundings Venlo

The town centre is just minutes’ walk from HAS green academy.

In the area surrounding Venlo, you will discover the most diverse and unique nature reserves in Limburg. It was no surprise that the 10-yearly Floriade event was held here in 2012. As a HAS green academy student, you will also attend classes in the amazing Co-Creation Lab on the former Floriade site! And Venlo is also home to a wide range of horticultural companies.

Extra information

Teaching and examination regulations

The Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER) cover all kinds of information regarding the education we offer at HAS green academy and how it is examined. It is applicable to all of the full-time Bachelor degree programmes at HAS green academy. 

All relevant regulations with regard to the education offered by HAS are gathered in the TER. The TER Part 1 contains the general rules for all the students. Each TER Part 2 contains additions specific to the study programme in question. 

TER Part 1 - General rules

TER Part 2 - Horticulture & Business Management

TER Part 2 - International Food & Agribusiness

Code of conduct

HAS green academy complies with the Code of Conduct International Student in Dutch Higher Education. By signing this Code of Conduct, we guarantee the quality of our programmes, student recruitment, selection and counseling procedures. Only institutions that have signed the Code of Conduct can apply for a residence permit on behalf of non-nationals of the EU/ EEA or Switzerland. This Code of Conduct is a joint initiative of the Dutch institutions. 

Code of conduct

Filing a complaint

When you believe that HAS green academy does not act in accordance with the Code of Conduct, you can file a complaint with the National Commission.

You also have the possibility to submit a complaint to HAS green academy directly. Download our Complaints & Disputes Committee Regulations below.

Complaints and Disputes Committee regulations