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HAS facilities

HAS green academy offers various facilities for students as well as for companies.

Students at front entrance HAS green academy location 's-Hertogenbosch

These facilities include labs to perform experiments in, but also facilities at partner companies that you can visit. Theory is brought into practice here. The facilities are also great for training, events or research purposes.


In the gardens behind HAS green academy vegetables, fruits, flowers, plants and trees are grown by students. The gardens provide many opportunities for growing and cultivation, and an excellent breeding ground for crop research and experiments. 


The greenhouses at HAS green academy cover a surface of 1500 square meters, divided into 15 departments. Climate regulation and water supply are being controlled separately: ideal for horticulture research and crop cultivation.

Study Centre

There is also a Study Centre full of books and a study space. In September 2024 we will reveal our new and up-to-date Study Centre!

Check out the sneak peek of our new Study Centre!


As a student you can perform experiments and research projects in one of the HAS labs. They include a chemistry lab and microbiology lab, amongst others. All of the labs are provided with modern technical equipment. 

Other study facilities

We also have WiFi, print facilities, our Canteen, and lunch space are also part of the facilities at HAS.  

As a HAS student you can also get the software that you need for your studies via Surfnet, at a great discount rate.

Want to make use of our facilities as a company?