Publieksjury/Guest jury

On this page you find information about what it means to be part of the guest jury for the FoodManShip award.

The FoodManShip awards are given to those students who are outstanding on a combination 5 aspects:
a) food know-how – ability to use specific food knowledge and skills,
b) conceptual or systemic thinking – ability to think in abstract concepts,
c) creativity - ability to think outside the box,
d) entrepreneurship- ability to grab an opportunity and go with it, and
e) presentation- ability to convince with a professional pitch.

We present the FoodManship awards in each category of the HAS Food Experience. An award winner of each category is chosen by an expert jury, and a second award winner is chosen by the guest jury. The guest jury consists of HAS alumni, Food professionals and HAS employees. If you are willing to help us by being a member of the guest jury, you can send us your name, email address and the category of your choice in the list below. We would also like you to confirm that you are not a student presenting at HAS Food Experience 2021, nor family or friend of any student presenting at the HAS Food Experience 2021, as we want students to be chosen because of their relevant projects, not just because of their large circle of friends.

About 2 weeks before the Food Experience 2021, you will receive a link for a survey form, where you will find all the names of the projects in the category. In that survey we ask you to write a score for each project in the category. Some categories are smaller en have 15 projects and some categories are large and can have more than 30 projects: we ask that you look carefully at all the projects in category (should take about 5 minutes per project), and then give each project a holistic score of 1-5 points (1 = low, 5 = high) based on the sum of the aspects of the FoodManShip awards. We ask that you fill in en send the form before 18.00 hours on Thursday 4rth of March. We will then combine all the scores of the guest jury members and, doing so, a winner will emerge: if there is a tie between winners, we will chose the project that wins.

Next to a guest jury, an expert jury will also select an award winner. If by any chance you have chosen the same project to win, we will select the second, runner up project to receive an award.