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Conversation Starter: How it works

This year we use Conversation Starter, a web application for online networking events. Learn how it works below and sign up for the online HAS Food Experience 2021!

1) Create a profile
Go to https://events.conversationstarter.net/e/nl-has or the link in your invitation to get started. Create your profile very easy in a few minutes. With a profile, you have access to meet our talented students and you can check out their innovative projects and concepts.

2) From February 18, you can see all participants who are registered. Students and professionals.

In the section ‘booths’ you are able to see the projects they have been working on. You can easily contact the students or send an invitation to meet.
Conversation Starter's carefully crafted user profiles are designed for optimal networking. No awkward "what do you do?" conversations: short requests and offers are perfect icebreakers.

3) Conversation Starter finds relevant meeting partners
The cutting-edge recommendation engine screens all participant profiles to find the most relevant ones. It works like magic!

4) Participants invite each other and plan meetings
Conversation Starter's smart meeting planner finds the ideal time for both participants to meet. This will be between 1 and 5 March. You can set your own availability in your profile!

5) Conversation Starter provides built-in video calls
You don't have to download or install anything: you meet by video call, right inside Conversation Starter.