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  • Student story Ali

    Why HAS green academy? Ali explains: “The practical approach and hands-on mentality of the University of Applied Sciences were the main reasons for making the big step to study in the Netherlands.” The perfect opportunity to challenge himself in ways he was not used to.

  • Student story Francisco

    Because of his background in pharmacy and nutrition, Francisco was interested in related fields such as agrochemicals and plant nutrition. That is why HAS green academy was the best option for him.

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    Student story Iza

    Horticulture & Arable Farming student Iza really enjoys the social atmosphere at HAS green academy.

  • Student story Jessica

    Being part of an international programme makes it fun and very interesting to learn about other students’ cultural differences. The Netherlands itself is an open-minded and friendly country that embraces English as a second language in many cities, giving the students the opportunity to balance their financial lives and expand their social activities. I found it funny that many locals could speak my language or understand it at a certain level. Dutchies are often curious people with a kind but direct way of communicating.

  • Student story Paula

    Paula had always been passionate about animals, and really wanted to work in the sector.

  • Student story Sam

    Applied Biology student Sam has been a really busy bee as he enjoys his time at university.

  • Student story Sayonika

    The balance between theoretical and practical experiences was very important for Sayonika while searching for universities. Also, the university had to be located in an internationally friendly country. HAS green academy offered her both. This made her decision a lot easier.

  • Student story Yaêl

    Hi! My name is Yaêl and I am a 3rd year International Food and Agribusiness student. In your third year, you get to do an internship or minor (or both) abroad. With IFA you can go everywhere in the world, because everywhere is food production.

  • Student story Yrsa

    Business Administration & Foodbusiness student Yrsa really enjoys the social atmosphere at HAS green academy.

  • Teacher story Erik

    My name is Erik de Rooij, I am a lecturer on the Horticulture & Business Management programme and have been working for the HAS for eight years.

  • Teacher story Gracia

    Hi! My name is Gracia Ribas, I am originally from Mexico and I have been working at HAS green academy for 3.5 years.

  • Teacher Story Isabella

    My name is Isabella Visschers and I have been working as a Plant lecturer at the HAS since 2020. Initially at location Venlo, but since recently I can be found in Den Bosch.