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Teacher story Erik

My name is Erik de Rooij, I am a lecturer on the Horticulture & Business Management programme and have been working for the HAS for eight years.

Cultivation and economy

I currently work part-time at the HAS, 2 days a week. I also work 3 days a week at Delphy, which is a company that focuses on agricultural advice and knowledge development. Here, I help greenhouse entrepreneurs with their business operations at the technical, economic and strategic level. In this way, I am still busy in the agricultural sector five days a week.

I have been working at the HAS for eight years now. Before that, I was a self-employed entrepreneur in greenhouse horticulture and also worked as a cultivation consultant in ornamental plant cultivation under glass. There, I was able to use my experience to help other plant cultivators maximise their yields while keeping costs under control.

My expertise is therefore a combination of cultivation and economics in the agricultural field.

Why work at HAS green academy?

The atmosphere at HAS is just great! It's nice that everyone supports each other and works together. The collegiality and the willingness to do something for each other is great.

What really won me over to work at HAS was the social culture. It was immediately clear that people work here who are not only passionate about their field, but also really enjoy sharing this knowledge with others. That combination of professionalism and collegiality made it the perfect place for me to pursue my career.

Try to think outside the box: broaden your horizons by being open to change.

Enjoyable work

What I like most about my job is the interaction with people. It is great fun to be surrounded by both students and fellow teachers. The lively conversations, diverse perspectives and energy that students bring with them make my job fun every day. Collaboration with my colleagues is also something I enjoy. We not only share knowledge and experience, but also a lot of laughter and sociability. It really feels like a close-knit team at HAS. So what I am most proud of is the appreciation I get for my work. It is great to notice that my efforts are recognised and appreciated by both my students and my colleagues.

Tips for students

What I would like to add is the importance of openness and flexibility, especially for prospective students. My tip is to try thinking outside the box: broaden your horizons by being open to change and new experiences.

Student life offers so many opportunities for growth and development, both personally and academically - take advantage of them!