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Student story Sayonika

The balance between theoretical and practical experiences was very important for Sayonika while searching for universities. Also, the university had to be located in an internationally friendly country. HAS green academy offered her both. This made her decision a lot easier.

Highlights of the study

“The company visits during the second year can certainly be counted among the highlights. Not only did I gain more knowledge about the agri-food sector, but I also became a more confident and stronger individual''. Sayonika has learnt a lot about marketing and business, sustainability and food system governance. When she received her Propaedeutic certificate, it was of course a great moment to celebrate.

Cultural differences

In year 1, Sayonika did a ten-week internship at a vineyard in the Netherlands. ‘’One of the biggest challenges was the cultural difference and its influence on working styles.’’ It was not always easy, but that is why she learned all the more!

International Food & Agribusiness