Student story Ali

Why HAS green academy? Ali explains: “The practical approach and hands-on mentality of the University of Applied Sciences were the main reasons for making the big step to study in the Netherlands.” The perfect opportunity to challenge himself in ways he was not used to.

Assignments and practical work

Ali likes how their assignments and practical work are clearly translated into knowledge related to the workplace. It gives him confidence in his future employability since he is gaining interpersonal skills: “I have learned how to work with people, and look for information no matter the question.”

I surprised my mentors with unknown study information!

Discover new things

A highlight of the study that stands out for Ali so far are the numerous visits to companies across many domains of the sector. As well as the freedom to pursue the things that you are interested in. Ali: “A brilliant moment for me was when I was able to find new results that were unknown to my mentors and get them excited in finding out more.” He also found it fascinated to approach so many professionals and write them email in the hope of communicating. “It feels good to cast a wide net, and also to constantly practice networking skills within normal school life. My advice: accept every challenge!”

Horticulture & Business Management