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Student story Iza

Horticulture & Arable Farming student Iza really enjoys the social atmosphere at HAS green academy.

Greece runes

There is plenty of interaction between students and lecturers thanks to the group work. "There’s a great atmosphere, which makes the days at university that much more fun."

Trip to Greece

Together with her fellow students, Iza visited various horticultural companies in Greece. An amazing trip! It’s great that the study programme includes gaining experience outside the Netherlands. It gave students the chance to see something different from Dutch companies, and other types of plants. ''It was a really fun week, which allowed me to get to know my fellow students even better.''


Giving presentations

Giving presentations was never Iza’s forte. It is compulsory during the first year at HAS for students to give short presentations in small groups. This helped her get used to standing in front of an audience, and gradually became easier and easier for her to do. ‘’As well as learning a lot about plants and improving my general business knowledge, I now find it much easier to give presentations. I also speak up more during group projects.”

The trip to Greece was awesome, I got to know my fellow students even better!

First year internships

Iza decided to do two internships in the Netherlands. The first was at a houseplant nursery, and the second at a tree nursery. In a short time, interns learn a lot about how things work, tasks, and what various jobs involve. ''I found it a really rewarding experience which, alongside my part-time job, gave me the opportunity to see how other companies work. For the first internship, I had to hand in a report. Finding time, and getting hold of the right information, was sometimes a challenge. Fortunately, I finished with a good grade.”

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