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Student story Jessica

Being part of an international programme makes it fun and very interesting to learn about other students’ cultural differences. The Netherlands itself is an open-minded and friendly country that embraces English as a second language in many cities, giving the students the opportunity to balance their financial lives and expand their social activities. I found it funny that many locals could speak my language or understand it at a certain level. Dutchies are often curious people with a kind but direct way of communicating.

After 4 years, what can you tell new students about the HAS and the study programme?

The school has a modern and attractive infrastructure for students to work in a comfortable space, with multiple facilities provided for project development ideas such as laboratories, food processing areas, a greenhouse, and private study rooms which are essential for the progress of our practical education.

The programme is very well-connected to local and international companies, seeking solutions to transit their processes into a more sustainable business model in which students can leverage their knowledge in a practical way by providing feasible advice to businesses on different projects.

What did you learn during these past 4 years, that you did not expect to learn?

Communication and leadership are the main skills I developed within this programme that boosted my confidence toward a meaningful career path. Additionally, I am convinced that the HAS and the country were the best choices for the holistic approach I was looking for when pursuing a business degree.