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Online Course Plant physiology

Tomatoes in Nursery - Online Plant Physiology Course

Modern horticultural and agricultural systems are required to satisfy the increasing demand for higher yield and quality in combination with low production cost and reduced pesticide use. We expect a higher output with similar or lower input. For horticulturalists and agriculturalists alike, these goals can only be reached with adequate plant physiological knowledge. Understanding plants and their needs enables growers to create the optimal growing environment, giving them the tools needed to cater for changing market demands.

About this course

This online Plant Physiology course (e-learning) will give you the opportunity to reach a higher knowledge level in various plant physiological processes. By explaining the principles and practices of plant physiology, the course gives insight into detailed plant processes; how plants function, grow and react to environmental factors like light, water, substrates and nutrition. In addition, factors influencing growth both positively and negatively are discussed during the course.

The course is built up in such a way that it allows you to select those modules that are of interest to you. Tutors follow and sometimes take part during the online discussions for the duration of the course. Furthermore, live online chat sessions with tutors are organised at set intervals to allow real-time question and answer sessions.

This course can start on request (in-company).

What can you expect?

Attending courses at HAS University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands is an excellent start for a career in green business, Agriculture or Horticulture, both in The Netherlands and internationally.

HAS provides several full-time BSc degree programmes as well as expert courses or training for working professionals. Our recent successful introduction of the online course “Growing without daylight” has allowed us to expand internationally, thereby enabling a global audience to profit from our shared knowledge and experience in education. The development of this comprehensive online course in Plant Physiology is the logical next step. Chapters currently available include photosynthesis, respiration, water management and hormones. Chapters in development are plant & soil health and crop protection ( expected: September 2018).

Course content per chapter

Plant Physiology:

1. Introduction

2. Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is the plant production engine, where light is the driving force that converts water and carbon dioxide into plant metabolic compounds. During the course we will explain the theory behind this process and how this can be translated to practice. For example, knowing that photosynthesis is dependent on certain environmental factors, how can growers manipulate the environment to optimise photosynthetic processes in your crop?

3. Respiration

The process of respiration in plants uses the photosynthetically produced sugars in combination with oxygen to make energy available for plant maintenance and growth.

4. Water management

Plants consist of 90% water. That means that without water, growth is not possible. In this chapter, water uptake, transport and the role of transpiration are explained and discussed.

5. Hormones

Plant growth and development is carefully and continuously regulated by hormones. Examples are the transition from juvenile to adult plant, plant growth in the direction of light, ageing of plants and their response to environmental stresses. Hormones are involved in every major plant process. This chapter will reveal the role of the major plant hormones.

Course duration

The online Plant Physiology course consists of 5 chapters and requires an average study load of 3 hours per module, a total of 15 hours.

Each chapter consists of different didactic methods like short lectures, articles and videos with assignments and chats with the course teacher.

After receiving the payment, a login will follow which will give you access to the course. The course needs to be successfully completed 2 months after the start.

For who?

Each chapter’s entry level is tailored to appeal to crop managers, (head) growers, crop production employees, practical plant experts with limited theoretical knowledge or those interested in increasing their plant physiology knowledge.


We expect you to work at bachelor’s level.


The course is offered completely in English.


You are provided with a certificate of participation from HAS University of Applied Sciences after successful completion of the course.

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Projectmanager Bedrijfsopleidingen


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