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Growing without daylight


Growing without daylight is a new development, that takes horticulture to another level. With Light Emitting Diodes (LED) it is possible to offer plants the perfect light conditions, while other climatic factors are also completely controlled. This online course primarily focusses on the practical applications of indoor farming.
30 hours

About the course

Effective climate control demands in depth knowledge of plant physiology. HAS green academy has more than 5 years experience in successfully growing crops in climate chambers exclusively lit by LED. We now offer an online course to share this knowledge and experience with professionals from horticulture and related industries with special interest in vertical or city farming.

Result after the course

At the end of the course you will have evidence-based ideas about potential crops for use in vertical farming, the costs involved and the yield potential of these crops in their specific farming systems.

About the course

Content of the course

The online course consists of 10 modules. The course is flexible and is offered as individual modules in English, therefore it is possible to adapt the course to suit your needs and time schedule.

Module 1: Introduction.

This module describes vertical farming, where it can be found and what is and can be produced using this method.

Module 2: Water and nutrients.

This module focuses on the importance of water quality and how to prepare fertiliser solutions.

Module 3: Soil and substrate.

In this module the many soil and substrate types are described. 

Module 4: Seeds, cuttings and getting started.

Focus is on the quality of seeds and propagation material, how to initiate and spatially position your crop in order to have a perfect cultivation start.

Module 5: Photosynthesis.

Light is the most expensive of all factors involved in growth and understanding photosynthesis helps to use it in the most effectively.

Module 6: Respiration.

Plants make sugars from light, but most of the sugar is used for energy storage. Plants release energy in the form of respiration, which occurs at a later stage. This enables the plant to use the energy for growth.

Module 7: Transpiration.

Transpiration is evidently very important for plants, and is more than just a plant cooling system.

Module 8: Temperature, humidity and CO2 control.

Module 9: Light.

The main subject during this module is how to manage light in a closed system.

Module 10: Crops, varieties and yield potential.

For who

This course is for people who are involved in plant production all over the world and want to learn more about growing without daylight, e.g. people active in the horticultural sector, crop managers / specialists, propagators and teachers (bachelor level).


This online course is developed by experienced HAS lecturers. 

Our online courses are designed for self-directed study. This means there is no direct guidance. It allows you the flexibility to study in your own time, when it suits you best, and to design your own learning trajectory.

Each module consists of short lectures, a platform to chat with fellow course members, knowledge tests and assignments. You must first pass the test at the end of each module, before you can continue with the next module.

Practical information

What do you need to enroll in this course? And what else is good to know?

Good to know

Start and course dates

You can take the online course Growing without daylight at any time you want. The total course takes about 30 hours and could be completed in 2 months.


To enroll in this online course you must have:

  • Bachelor level work experience in the horticulture industry, or;
  • A bachelor's degree in biology or related sciences.
Completion of the course

After successfully completing the course you will receive a certificate of participation from HAS green academy.

Course price
Date of commencement
Continuously available
€ 395,00
excl. VAT

Price specification

Course price
€ 395,00
Total price
€ 395,00
excl. VAT

All amounts mentioned are excluding VAT. Training costs, including course material, are exempt from VAT. All other costs are charged with 9% VAT.

The basic course is included.

Any bank/administration fees are for your own account.

Questions? Please get in touch with us!

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