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Online Plant physiology


By explaining the principles and practices of plant physiology, the Online Plant physiology course gives insight into detailed plant processes; how plants function, grow and react to environmental factors like light, water, substrates and nutrition.
8 weeks

About the course

With the detailed knowledge of plant processes that is covered in the course, you as a grower ensure an optimal growing environment.

Result after the course

After the course you will have enough knowledge of the functioning of the plant and plant physiology to be able to control better, to monitor and if necessary adjust or redirect the growth/crop in order to get optimal yield results.

About the course

Content of the course

The course consists of 5 modules:

Module 1:Introduction

Introduction into how plants function. 

Module 2: Photosynthesis

  • The process of photosynthesis.
  • The effects of the inputs and outputs of this process and what you can achieve with this.

Module 3: Respiration

  • The process of development of the plant.
  • How to respond to this process.

Module 4: Water management

  • Water management in plants and monitoring.
  • How to respond to water management.

Module 5: Hormones

  • The most important internal and external drivers of plant development.
  • How to respond to these drivers.
For who

This course is for people who work in horticultural and agricultural business and want to know more about plant physiology. Each chapter’s entry level is tailored to appeal to crop managers, (head) growers, crop production employees, practical plant experts with limited theoretical knowledge or those interested in increasing their plant physiology knowledge.


Tutors follow and sometimes take part during the online discussions for the duration of the course. Furthermore, live
online chat sessions with tutors are organised at set intervals to allow real-time question and answer session. 

Practical information

What do you need to enroll in this course? And what else is good to know?

Good to know

Start and course dates

This course can be taken at any given time.


This course is taught at higher professional (HBO) undergraduate level. Participants should therefore have a minimum of upper secondary vocational level (MBO) or equivalent.

Completion of the course

After you have completed the course, you will receive a certificate of attendance from HAS green academy.

Course price
Date of commencement
Continuously available
€ 395,00
excl. VAT

Price specification

Course price
€ 395,00
Total price
€ 395,00
excl. VAT

All amounts mentioned are excluding VAT. Training costs, including materials, are exempt from VAT. All other costs are charged with 9% VAT.

Any bank/administration fees are for your own account.

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  • Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production