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Teaching at HAS University of Applied Sciences

NVAO accredited

All Bachelor programmes at HAS University of Applied Sciences are NVAO accredited.

More information about accreditation can be found on the Dutch website of NVAO.

Teaching and Examination Regulations

In the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER) are a large number of matters relating to the teaching and examinations are set out. The TER only applies to the undergraduate programmes of HAS University of Applied Sciences.
All relevant provisions regarding teaching have been collected in the TER. The TER includes:
• A general section
• Programme sections
The general section contains general rules for all students. Programme sections provide specific additions pertaining to the programme in question.

Student Charter

The Student Charter is intended as a clear and unambiguous definition of the relationship between student and institution. The institution presents its quality objectives to the student, who is entitled to student-centred quality teaching and good teaching facilities.

The Student Charter provides students with an insight into what is expected of them in a teaching system that centres on the student’s own responsibility.

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