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Erasmus+ is the EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Funded by the European Union, the programme facilitates the international mobility of HAS students, lecturers, researchers and staff in Europe. Erasmus+ helps to improve cooperation between higher education institutions.

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Inter Institutional Agreements
HAS green academy has exchange agreements with Erasmus+ partner institutions within Europa. More information and an overview of our Erasmus+ partners can be found on our webpage on partner institutions for exchange.

The Erasmus+ programme 2021-2027 focuses on digitalisation, inclusion and sustainability.

Erasmus+ Charter

A requirement for participation in the Erasmus+ programme is the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE), awarded by the European commission. Through the ECHE, HAS green academy commits to complying with the basic principles and to promoting the priorities of the Erasmus+ programme. By applying the ECHE, HAS green academy shows its commitment to contributing to the objectives of modernisation and internationalisation of higher education.

HAS green academy has been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE), the prerequisite to participate in the calls for projects and funding under the Erasmus+ programme.

More information about this charter? Visit the website of the European commission.

Download our ECHE Erasmus+ programme 2021 - 2027

As a part of the ECHE, HAS green academy has established its own objectives in the Erasmus Policy Statement (EPS).

Erasmus and organisational codes of HAS green academy

Erasmus Code


OID Code


Download the Erasmus Policy Statement 2021 - 2027

Erasmus principles

The ECHE contains the European principles and requirements linked to the 2021-2027 programme:

  • Respect in full the principles of non-discrimination, transparency and inclusion
  • Ensure equal and equitable access and opportunities to current and prospective participants from all backgrounds, paying particular attention to the inclusion of those with fewer opportunities
  • Ensure full automatic recognition of all credits (gained for learning outcomes satisfactorily achieved during a period of study/training abroad, including during blended mobility)
  • Charge no fees, in the case of credit mobility, to incoming mobile students for tuition, registration, examinations or access to laboratory and library facilities
  • Ensure the quality of the mobility activities and of the cooperation projects throughout the application and implementation phases
  • Undertake the necessary steps to implement digital mobility management in line with the technical standards of the European Student Card Initiative
  • Encourage participants to adopt environmentally friendly practices
  • Promote civic engagement and active citizenship of Erasmus+ participants

Erasmus+ Student & Staff Mobility

Student & Staff Mobility

Erasmus+ is the central exchange programme and source of funding for mobility of students and staff at HAS green academy. An internship or student exchange abroad is part of each curriculum at HAS green academy.

Students can make use of the Erasmus mobility options with a maximum of 12 months during their Bachelor-programme. Each academic year, HAS facilitates about 150 students to go abroad with an Erasmus grant.

Within the Erasmus-programme, students travel abroad for an internship or to study at an Erasmus partner institutions for either a long term mobility (> 2 months) or a blended short mobility (5 – 30 days).

More information
  • HAS students and staff can find information on how to prepare for their international experience and the Erasmus application procedure on the intranet of HAS green academy.
  • Students from our (Erasmus+) partner institutions can find information on our courses and the application procedure here. Information on student facilities and services can be found here.
  • Incoming staff interested in staff mobility at HAS can find more information on our webpage on partner institutions for exchange.

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