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Organization structure

Structure of balls and lines

Legal and internal organisational structure

HAS University of Applied Sciences is a non-profit educational foundation (Stichting HAS Opleidingen) that has built its organisational structure around the following processes:

  • Administrative: the Executive Board is the competent authority and is accountable to the Board of Trustees
  • Primary processes
    6 clusters are responsible for our core activities: education, research and contract work
  • Supportive processes:
    the staff departments (see below) carry out tasks supporting education, research and contract work

Board of Trustees and Executive Board

The Board of Trustees and the Executive Board are responsible for the supervision and management of HAS University of Applied Sciences. The Executive Board is supported by the Board Secretariat.

Both the Executive Board and the sectors make use of the following staff services:

  • Marketing & Communication
  • HAS Services (Facilities and IT)
  • Finance & Control
  • Finance & Reporting
  • Human Resources
  • Student Affairs / International Office
  • Health Coach