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Healthy living environment

Where food production, nature and the urban environment were seen as separate entities in the past, we want to bring these issues together. Within the focus area of ‘Healthy living environment’ we’ll investigate how the different issues interrelate in spatial terms, and determine if they share common solutions.

Themes to be addressed relate to the power of biodiversity, resilience in response to climate adaptation and the contribution to the energy/climate transition. As such, this central theme connects a number of transitions both within, and outside of, our traditional research area. The role of HAS green academy as bridge builder is made explicit when it comes to addressing land use issues.

Related research groups

  • Innovative Bio-Monitoring research group

    Innovative Bio-Monitoring research group

    As the name suggests, the aim of the Innovative Bio-Monitoring research group is to apply innovative bio-monitoring techniques – like automatic image and sound recognition - to concrete social issues. The goal is to contribute to protecting and maintaining our biodiversity.

  • Climate-robust Landscapes research group

    Climate-robust Landscapes research group

    The Climate-robust Landscapes: connecting agriculture and nature research group is focusing on the question how other forms of agriculture can contribute to improving water quality and stimulating biodiversity through smart use of the landscape.

  • image Lectoraat Verdienvermogen voor natuurinclusieve landbouw

    Business Models for Regenerative Agriculture research group

    The Business Models for Regenerative Agriculture research group focuses on how new opportunities can arise for nature-inclusive business operators in an alternative interaction between farmers, society and government. It is also looking at how a business model with sufficient earning potential can be created for farmers who want to work on nature-inclusive agriculture.

  • Plant-soil Health

    Plant-soil Health research group

    The Plant-Soil Health research group focusses on the interaction between plant and soil, with the main focus on the interaction between soil biology and the plant, and how this interaction can be used to make the soil healthier and more sustainable.