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Online course Meat Technology in the Netherlands

Pieces of meat in a crate - Online course Meat technology
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The Netherlands is one of the world´s largest exporters of agricultural-food products, second only to the US. The meat processing and the dairy industries, with sales shares of 16% and 19% in Dutch food exports respectively, are the most important sectors within the food export industry.

About this course

Are you working in the meat industry and looking for more knowledge about Dutch meat? The e-learning course ‘Meat technology in the Netherlands will give you many insights.

This course can start on request (in-company).

What can you expect?

This e-learning course ‘Meat technology in the Netherlands” consists of 8 modules. Each module consists of a short introduction and various learning objects such as films, articles and assignments about the different aspects of meat technology. The emphasis in this course is also on the interaction between fellow course participants and teachers about the content. This interaction ensures better processing and applicability of the acquired knowledge.

Course content per module

1. Introduction
2. History
3. What is meat?
4. When meat is really meat?
5. Meat specifications: beef
6. Meat Specifications: Pork
7. Meat specifications: Chicken
8. Meat specifications: Meat productions.

Course duration

The entire program consists of 8 modules with an average study load of 3 hours per module.

For who?

This course is intended for all people who are interested in the meat technology in the Netherlands and want to gain more insight into different topics related to the theme 'meat technology' for study or work.

What can you expect?

This e-learning course consists of 8 modules. A module consists of various learning objects such as videos, articles, assignments and discussions. Each module must be completed in order to start with the next module. During the course you can contribute photos and assignments to substantiate your answers. With your fellow students and teachers you can discuss about the different themes and you can add extra questions for more in depth knowledge. At the end of the course you are familiar with the basic knowledge about the theme 'meat technology'.


The course is at bachelor level.


The course is offered completely in English


After successful completion of all modules, you will receive a certificate of attendance for the e-learning course Meat technology’ from the HAS University of Applied Sciences.


K.A.A. (Kim) de Bont BBA



T: +31 88 890 38 81

photo Kim de Bont
  • sustainable Development Goal 2: Zero Hunger
  • Sustainable Development Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production


Date of commencement
To be determined
8 days

Any bank/administration fees are for your own account.

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