Erasmus +

HAS University of Applied Sciences participates in the Erasmus+ Programme and has therefore been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE). Erasmus + Charter Erasmus+ is the European subsidy programme for Education, Youth and Sport. The programme supports student and staff mobility within Europe. Want to know more about this charter? Check out the website of the European commission. 

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Erasmus + Charter

Erasmus+ is the European subsidy programme for Education, Youth and Sport. The programme supports student and staff mobility within Europe.

Want to know more about this charter? Check out the website of the European commission

Awarded Erasmus Charter


Student mobility

With regard to international student mobility, HAS green academy has acquired a #1 position in the Netherlands.


Focal point

  • Including international (English language) components in the curriculum
  • Quality improvement of international traineeships, obligatory to all HAS students
  • Participation in international (thesis) projects at internationally active companies

International Internship

An international internship will broaden your horizon. You'll get to know a new culture and improve your language skills. To work and live abroad requires some personal creativity and flexibility. You will have to familiarise yourself with a new way of working, etiquette, and perhaps even a completely different perspective on your field.



International experience is an advantage for finding a job at Higher Professional Education level. The industry increasingly demands people with an understanding of international developments.  And having worked and lived outside your own country is also part of being a multicultural world citizen.


Internship intergral part

Plenty of reasons for HAS green academy to make the international internship an integral part of the curriculum! Annually, between 500 and 600 students do a internship outside the Netherlands! So, you're not the only 1 at HAS!

Staff mobility

HAS green academy takes part in the Erasmus Plus Programme, which means that employees from participating countries can come to HAS as part of the Erasmus Plus Programme to perform a teaching assignment or follow a training.

Please note that, if you are interested, you will need to apply for the Erasmus grant at your own institution.

Teaching assigment

As a lecturer of a higher education institution in one of the participating countries, you can use this allowance to perform a teaching assignment at HAS.


  • The teaching assignment needs to include at least 8 teaching hours;
  • It needs to be for a minimum period of 2 days (excluding travel), preferably 5 days, with a maximum of 60 days;
  • Your HE institution must have a valid Erasmus University Charter;
  • Your HE institution must have an inter-institutional agreement with HAS.


Training abroad

The Erasmus+ allowance for staff training is for teaching and non-teaching staff of higher education institutions to attend a training at HAS. The training aims to improve your skills and competences and accordingly enhance your personal development. The training may consist of (language) training, ‘job shadowing’, observation, or training attendance at HAS.


  • The training needs to have a duration of a minimum of 2 days, excluding travel;
  • Priority is given to guests visiting HAS for the first time.

Guest lecturers

Each year our faculty members invite visiting professors to lecture in the framework of their courses. Would you like to be a visiting professor? Check out our information below.

Course subjects

In the following overview you can view which subjects are available for the academic year 2022-2023.

We are also open to other suggestions of topics, so do not hesitate to propose a teaching unit within the relevant area of study. 



Visiting professors must be currently appointed at a faculty of one of our partner universities. Please check with your university’s international office to be sure that our exchange agreement includes faculty exchange.

HAS green academy does not offer remuneration for the exchange period or travel and accommodation expenses. All mobility periods are eligible for Erasmus+ funding, to be awarded by your home university. 

How to apply

If you are interested in being a guest lecturer at HAS green academy, please send your cv and a brief description and outline of your proposed course to

We will then connect you to the right contact person for further arrangements.

Through our worldwide participation in capacity building and business development projects, the international project portfolio of HAS green academy keeps on growing, and so does the number of HAS lecturers with international experience.

Focal points for staff

  • Attending international activities in the Netherlands and abroad
  • Supervising and/or conducting international (thesis) projects at internationally active companies
  • Facilitating teachers to achieve the student focal points