At HAS green academy students, professors, lecturer-researchers, lecturers and professionals from the field work together on all kinds of projects, in the fields of agro, food and the living environment, both nationally and internationally.

Professonals in a meeting

Projects include graduation research, but also projects within minors and education modules. The projects are carefully chosen and run. Usually they are part of the research programme as established for the coming years. A selection of projects will be showed here in the future.

  • Plant-soil Health

    Plant-soil Health research group

    The Plant-Soil Health research group focusses on the interaction between plant and soil, with the main focus on the interaction between soil biology and the plant, and how this interaction can be used to make the soil healthier and more sustainable.

  • Green Health research group

    Green Health research group

    The Green Health research group has as objective knowledge development and knowledge dissemination on increasing fruit and vegetable consumption, the health of Dutch consumers and the sustainability of Dutch society.

  • illustration Healthy Farming

    Healthy Farming research group

    The Healthy Farming research group will conduct research into the problems caused by animal husbandry and stirs up the dialogue between market, researcher and consumer. The aim is taking new steps towards the animal husbandry of the future.

  • Innovative Bio-Monitoring research group

    Innovative Bio-Monitoring research group

    As the name suggests, the aim of the Innovative Bio-Monitoring research group is to apply innovative bio-monitoring techniques – like automatic image and sound recognition - to concrete social issues. The goal is to contribute to protecting and maintaining our biodiversity.

  • Climate-robust Landscapes research group

    Climate-robust Landscapes research group

    The Climate-robust Landscapes: connecting agriculture and nature research group is focusing on the question how other forms of agriculture can contribute to improving water quality and stimulating biodiversity through smart use of the landscape.

  • Tablet and cows

    Precision Livestock Farming research group

    The Precision Livestock Farming research group wants to facilitate smart farming and the use data for more precise operational management. The research group also looks to other industries for inspiration.

  • image Lectoraat Verdienvermogen voor natuurinclusieve landbouw

    Business Models for Regenerative Agriculture research group

    The Business Models for Regenerative Agriculture research group focuses on how new opportunities can arise for nature-inclusive business operators in an alternative interaction between farmers, society and government. It is also looking at how a business model with sufficient earning potential can be created for farmers who want to work on nature-inclusive agriculture.

  • Food & Health

    Food & Health research group

    A healthy food environment and making healthy food choices is at the heart of the Food & Health research group of HAS green academy. The research group focuses on 2 issues: the composition of the product and what you can say about it in your communication & marketing.

  • food production

    Food Production in a Circular Economy research group

    The Food Production in a Circular Economy research group wants to facilitate businesses in the agri-food sector in producing with minimum impact on the environment while making the most efficient use of natural resources. This is mainly done by closing loops and making production processes more sustainable.

  • future food systems

    Future Food Systems research group

    The Future Food Systems research group is working on intervention strategies and new business models that accelerate the transition to sustainable food systems. In this way, we contribute to the impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, nationally and internationally.

  • food waste

    ZERO Food Waste Challenge


    The Design Methods in Food research group is the driving force behind the ZERO Food Waste Challenge. In 2021 there was a Brabant edition, in 2022 nationwide. Partners are Aeres, Inholland, Fontys, Food Valley Circular, Foundation Jong Leren Eten, Foundation Samen Tegen Voedselverspilling and Rabobank.

  • Partner institutions for exchange

    HAS green academy collaborates with international partner institutions on a number of initiatives, such as student exchange, staff mobility and teaching mobility. HAS green academy is a medium sized university of applied sciences. Students can easily find their way around at HAS, and the cities of Venlo and ‘s-Hertogenbosch. HAS is an informal organisation and students can easily approach lecturers and staff members. The institution has a very friendly and supportive learning environment.

  • EU flag in the wind

    Erasmus +

    HAS University of Applied Sciences participates in the Erasmus+ Programme and has therefore been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE). Erasmus + Charter Erasmus+ is the European subsidy programme for Education, Youth and Sport. The programme supports student and staff mobility within Europe. Want to know more about this charter? Check out the website of the European commission. 

  • HAS International Projects

    Participation in international projects is becoming increasingly prominent in HAS's internationalisation strategy. International projects generate knowledge, new alliances with strategic partners and (international) profiling of our institution of higher education.

  • Companies

    Do you have a question and don't know where to go with it? You are facing a challenge, but are not sure how handle it? Our students and lecturer-advisers are happy to take on these kinds of challenges and issues. With our expertise and enthusiasm we ensure an appropriate end result.

  • Studying in 's Hertogenbosch

    's-Hertogenbosch, or simply Den Bosch, is an attractive city. Not just according to the people in Den Bosch; it’s also apparent from various surveys carried out.

  • Financial matters

    What costs do you need to think about when you start studying? We will give you an overview so you can prepare yourself financially.

  • IFA students HAS green academy

    Information for new students

    Welcome at HAS green academy! To get you on your feet as a new student, you'll find lots of practical information here.

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    Once you have been accepted to study at HAS green academy, you will need to prepare for your stay in the Netherlands.