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Submitting nominations Frans van Leijden Award 2023

Apply yourself or a (recent) HAS graduate student for a chance to win the Frans van Leijden Award 2023. Read on quickly for all details on applying for nominations, criteria, prize and procedure.

Frans van Leijden

Under the leadership and direction of Frans van Leijden, HAS green academy (in his time HAS hogeschool) in Venlo has become a vibrant branch. To make this happen, it was necessary to pioneer, explore boundaries, think and act out-of-the-box, sometimes color outside the lines, show entrepreneurship, persevere and work hard to realize that vision.

Frans van Leijden Award

Without his qualities and competencies, the Venlo branch would never have existed in this capacity and form. As a tribute to him, following his death in 2020, we have therefore created the Frans van Leijden Award. With this we want to annually give a student or recent graduate of HAS green academy, who also has these or similar qualities and puts them into practice a boost.

Submitting nominations

Are you or do you know a HAS student or (recent) HAS graduate who is eligible for the Frans van Leijden Award and do you or this person meet one or more of the criteria below? Then nominate yourself or this person and fill in the application form!


The nominee is a student of HAS green academy or graduated from HAS green academy in 2021, 2022 or 2023 and meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • Has a vision and is persistent in realizing it
  • Behaves like a pioneer and dares to go off the beaten path
  • Shows entrepreneurship
  • Dares to color outside the lines and explore boundaries
  • Works together with other knowledge institutions, government and/or industry

Application form

Through the application form you can nominate a (recent graduate) HAS student for the Frans van Leijden Award. You can apply until Friday, June 23.


The jury will nominate 3 candidates from all HAS nominees. On Monday, July 10, it will be announced which 3 (graduated) HAS students are nominated for the Frans van Leijden Award 2023. The nominees will of course receive personal notification in advance.

After the summer vacations, the nominees will record a professional promotional video that will be shown on our website. From Monday, October 2, you can vote for your favorite. In the end the jury will decide, with its own vision on the criteria and of course taking into account the preference of the public.


The jury consists of a teacher and a student from HAS green academy and the wife of Frans van Leijden.

Award and presentation

The second Frans van Leijden Award will be presented by the jury during the 10th anniversary of HAS Venlo on Thursday, November 2, 2023. The winner will receive - in addition to attention and publicity - a physical award and a check worth € 1,000. This check can be used for a development goal related to the idea, initiative or company. This can be coaching or advice, but also the purchase of a product, material or tool.

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