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HAS University of Applied Sciences students score satisfaction as above average

HAS University of Applied Sciences scored above average on all core themes compared to the national average for higher professional education institutions. This emerged from the results of the annual National Student Survey (NSE), published today by Stichting Studiekeuze123. Our students are particularly satisfied with the atmosphere at the HAS. They also said they would choose the same course again based on their experiences to date.

An impressive 1,705 students from HAS University of Applied Sciences completed the survey, a response rate of 45%. In a year in which education was mainly arranged remotely, we’re particularly proud of this response and results. Liz Chermin, member of the Executive Board of HAS University of Applied Sciences: “These results show how much our students appreciate HAS, and that we managed to help each other through this difficult period dominated by COVID-19. It’s a massive compliment to all our HAS staff!” The results also provide insight into areas where we can do better, of course. Student satisfaction is one of our most important indicators, and we continue to monitor it continuously.  

Core themes
The National Student Survey measures satisfaction generally, and then focuses on a number of core themes, such as the content and structure of the course, the links with professional practice, study guidance, quality, engagement, and contact with lecturers. View the fact sheet with all HAS University of Applied Sciences’ results. All data can be viewed and compared on the National Student Survey Dashboard

About Studiekeuze123 and the National Student Survey
The National Student Survey is organised annually by Stichting Studiekeuze123 on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. It is a major national survey that measures the opinion of students in higher education about their courses and educational institutions. More than 330,000 HBO (higher professional education) and WO (higher scientific education) students from 72 educational institutions shared their opinions this year.  Thanks to this, the National Student Survey provides information for both prospective students and for the quality assurance of courses and institutions.