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HAS University, Delphy and Mushroom Valley offer discount on a course in Mushroom Growing

The Netherlands has a lot of knowledge when it comes to mushroom cultivation. The international market looks to us when it comes to growing, crop protection, harvesting, certification, operational management and profit optimisation. To actively bring this knowledge to the international market, HAS University of Applied Sciences and Delphy are offering an online course (SPOC), in which people from all over the world can participate. Mushroom Valley is now also involved in the course, which is now officially called ‘Mushroom Valley Online Course: Mushroom Growing’.

Joining forces

Mushroom Valley is a collaboration initiated by the municipality of Horst aan de Maas and involves entrepreneurs from the mushroom sector. The goal of Mushroom Valley to maintain and strengthen the global economic position of the local mushroom sector. By joining forces with HAS University of Applied Sciences and Delphy, the Mushroom Valley initiative is able to improve the help they offer companies in the mushroom sector.

Healthy future

To remain players on a global scale, these companies must continuously develop. And education plays an important role in maintaining knowledge and promoting innovation in the mushroom sector. "The companies involved are regional competitors when it comes to know-how,” explains Jan Janssen from Mushroom Valley. “But the clever thing is that they all share a bit of their knowledge in the platform. They have to keep on innovating. Even if it’s only to realise a harvesting robot. Hourly rates are getting too high and so technology has to find a solution to provide the Dutch mushroom sector with a healthy future."

Collaboration with Delphy

HAS University of Applied Sciences and Delphy have been working together for some time. They already also offer a Cultivation with Light course, and are conducting a number of research projects in full-time education programmes. Delphy has a global reputation as consultants in the mushroom sector. Delphy provides courses, training and education for beginners and advanced students in the areas of composting and cultivation. The company is also responsible for the Vocational School of Mushroom Cultivation (Vakschool Champignonteelt). There are also an increasing number of themed courses and training programmes in specific fields of expertise within cultivation.

What is a SPOC?

SPOC stands for Small Private Online Course: the course is given in an online environment. “The course is meant for everyone who wants to know more about these aspects of mushroom cultivation,” says consultant, Anouk van Rossum of HAS University of Applied Sciences. “The approach is practical and uses various study approaches: from videos to short articles, to practical assignments and interaction between participants and with the lecturers.”

HAS University of Applied Sciences, Delphy and Mushroom Valley can now offer the course at a discounted rate: companies pay €450 instead of €795.