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HAS Food Experience 2024

On January 30th, 2024 the HAS Food Experience will take place again. Come get inspired and meet promising young talents who are (almost) ready to enter the work field!

Food Experience 2024

Come to the impactful and inspiring food event with innovative solutions for today's and tomorrow's challenges. Designed and developed by HAS students. Sign up now!



10.00 h 

A warm welcome awaits you at the HAS Food Experience

10.30 h


10.45 h

Visit the exhibition with over 75 innovative solutions for challenges in food and food systems for today and tomorrow developed by HAS students.

14.00 h

Entrance for family, friends and non-business relations of HAS green academy.

16.30 h

Presentation FoodManShip Awards and festive closing with drinks (until 18.00 h).

Themes 2024

Sustainable alternative proteins

In this category we find concepts and interventions based on sustainable and alternative proteins such as plant proteins, insect proteins, or proteins from other sources, but also hybrid concepts (meat & plant protein) that take consumers towards a more flexitarian lifestyle, as well as more sustainable meat concepts I.e. dual purpose cows, male meat concepts, etc. 

Healthy body & mind

In this category we find concepts and interventions that are in line with a healthier lifestyle, both in the field of healthy ingredients, lifestyle, target group nutrition and interventions that have an impact on healthy eating behavior and mental aspects of health through food concepts. 

Sustainable Food Systems

In this category we find concepts and interventions that strive towards sustainable food systems, circular concepts and food chains, also energy and water related, and business/services based on sustainable trade not on profit maximization, as well as social enterprises. 

Unwaste Reduce and Prevention

In this category we find concepts and interventions (products/services/ packaging) that create awareness and help preventing and reducing food waste as well as making food packaging more sustainable.

Meaningful Food Innovations/ nonSDG

In this category we find concepts, solutions and interventions that encompass meaningful food innovations that are unrelated to the SDG's, such as marketing ideas, food design, new entrepeneurship, new technologies, ingredients, tastes, processing and quality solutions, convenience etc.

Be sure to attend the upcoming edition:

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