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HAS Expo

On Thursday 16 June, the HAS Expo is traditionally on the agenda. After a successful edition in 2021 where the posters were viewed more than 7,000 times and thoroughly read 750 times, we are again choosing to organize it digitally this year.

The HAS Expo 2022

The HAS Expo is about who we are and what we believe in: working towards a better future for the people and the planet by contributing to a healthy environment with enough healthy food in a sustainable balance between people, nature and economy.


The digital exhibition of PA posters

The aim of the exhibition is to show what challenges there are and how our students, as young talents, contribute to the solutions. Over170 posters have been created, divided into the themes of agro, food, environment & nature and business & entrepreneurship. The posters give an insight into the real-life assignments they have worked on in recent months.

The exhibition in now online. They are bundled by theme and subject. Viewable at any time, any day of the year.

We have no event or official opening this year. However, we will try to give a stage to as many projects as possible and draw attention to the exhibition in order to put students in the spotlight, because we are proud of what our students and staff have accomplished!