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Ceremony Frans van Leijden Award

The second Frans van Leijden Award will be presented by the jury during the 10th anniversary of HAS Venlo on Thursday, November 2nd, 2023.

Ivar van Dorst, Duifje van Dugteren and Lennart Hoops are the nominees for this award.


Frans van Leijden

Under the leadership and direction of Frans van Leijden, HAS green academy (in his time HAS hogeschool) in Venlo has become a vibrant branch. As a tribute to him, following his death in 2020, we have therefore created the Frans van Leijden Award. This year we are presenting this award for the 2nd time.

Award and ceremony

The winner will receive - in addition to attention and publicity - a physical award and a check worth €1,000. This check can be used for a development goal related to the idea, initiative or company. This can be coaching or advice, but also the purchase of a product, material or tool.

HAS Venlo 10 years

On November 2nd 2023 we look back on 10 years of HAS green academy Venlo, together with our community of students, (former) employees, alumni and partners. The event is for invitees only. We also glance at the future in the fields of food, business, biology and health. This afternoon will focus on a program by and for the community and will be concluded in the evening with a HAStastic party!

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