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Healthy Farming research group

illustration Healthy Farming
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The Healthy Farming research group focuses on stirring up the dialogue between market, researcher and consumer with the aim of taking new steps towards the animal husbandry of the future. The research group will conduct research into the problems caused by animal husbandry in combination with the high population density of the Netherlands, coming up with solutions using new technologies and concept.

Animal husbandry in densely populated areas

The research group aims to increase the acceptance of animal husbandry in densely populated areas using the south-east of the Netherlands as an example. This area has to cope with issues that will also occur in the rest of the world in the near future. This brings a unique set of challenges for animal husbandry. The research group will work together with the professional field, in search of a solution. At the core of the issue is the tension between public health, animal welfare and a healthy business environment.


The research group focuses on multiple themes such as:

  • Calculating the impact animal husbandry has on public health and the living environment
  • Preventing and combatting diseases of livestock, particularly focusing on zoonoses (infectious diseases)
  • Reducing the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry
  • Implementing welfare improvements in animal husbandry that are acceptable to both producer and consumer

Expertise network

In addition to Senior Lecturer Joost van den Borne, the research group involves an expertise network of lecturers and teaching researchers from the study programmes Applied Biology, Environmental Studies and Animal Husbandry, all making an active contribution.

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