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Research groups

Research groups are knowledge groups within institutes of higher education that establish connections between education, professional practice and applied research in areas of social relevance. In most cases, a Research group consists of a ‘knowledge circle’: a group of lecturers and lecturer/researchers led by a Professor.

Research groups have several common goals:

  • Strengthening external orientation
  • Educational reform
  • Professionalisation of lecturers
  • Strengthening knowledge development and knowledge dissemination

Research Groups

  • Business Models for Regenerative Agriculture research group

    The Business Models for Regenerative Agriculture research group focuses on how new opportunities can arise for nature-inclusive business operators in an alternative interaction between farmers, society and government. It is also looking at how a business model with sufficient earning potential can be created for farmers who want to work on nature-inclusive agriculture.
    Portrait Lector Daan Groot

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  • Climate-robust Landscapes research group

    The Climate-robust Landscapes: connecting agriculture and nature research group is looking at the part agriculture and nature can play in improving water quantity and quality, and stimulating biodiversity through smart use of the landscape.

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  • Design Methods in Food research group

    The Design Methods in Food research group focuses primarily on meaningful agri-food innovations that move consumers towards sustainable and healthy food. The research group makes use of innovative new technologies and new ingredients, such as 3D food printing and vegetable residual flows.
    Inaugural speech Antien Zuidberg 2019

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  • Food & Health research group

    Health innovation in the food sector is at the heart of the Food & Health research group. It represents a fascinating challenge in our society, where the increase in the number of people overweight and obese, and the associated chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer are the result of little exercise and overeating.
    Picture lector Annet Roodenburg

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  • Food production in a circular economy research group

    The aim of the Food Production in a Circular Economy research group is to facilitate businesses in the agri-food sector in producing with minimum impact on the environment while making the most efficient use of natural resources. This is mainly done by closing loops and making production processes more sustainable.

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  • Research group Future Food Systems

    The Future Food Systems research group is working on intervention strategies and new business models that accelerate the transition to sustainable food systems. In this way, we contribute to the impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. The research group works nationally and internationally.
    Profile photo Pieter Jelle Beers and Frederike Praasterink

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  • Green Health research group

    The Green Health research group has as objective: knowledge development and knowledge dissemination on increasing fruit and vegetable consumption and the health of Dutch consumers and the sustainability of Dutch society.
    Portrait Herman Peppelenbos

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  • Healthy Farming research group

    The Healthy Farming research group will conduct research into the problems caused by animal husbandry in combination with the high population density of the Netherlands, coming up with solutions using new technologies and concepts. The research group also stirs up the dialogue between market, researcher and consumer.
    Profile photo Joost van den Borne

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  • Innovative Bio-Monitoring research group

    As the name suggests, the aim of the research group Innovative Bio-Monitoring is to apply innovative bio-monitoring techniques to concrete social issues, to validate them and to develop them further. The goal is to contribute to protecting and maintaining our biodiversity.
    photo Margje Voeten

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  • Plant-Soil Health research group

    The Plant-Soil Health research group focusses on the interaction between plant and soil, with the main focus on the interaction between soil biology and the plant, and how this interaction can be used to make the soil healthier and more sustainable.
    portrait Lector Judith Van De Mortel

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  • Precision Livestock Farming research group

    The aim of the Precision Livestock Farming research group is to facilitate smarter and more efficient farming (smart farming) and to use data for more precise operational management. The research group also looks to other industries for inspiration.
    Portrait Lector Lenny Van Erp

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  • Protein Transition in Food research group

    The primary goal of the Protein Transition in Food research group is to contribute to the protein transition in the Netherlands. The focus is on plant-based proteins like legumes, but the research group is also looking into how this knowledge can be applied on a broader, global level.
    photo Fred van de Velde

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