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Cultivation & Technology - Greenhouse Cultivation


With this programme, you will deepen your horticultural knowledge and acquire skills to use this knowledge in greenhouse cultivation. This programme is a specialisation of 30ECTS, part of the exchange programme Cultivation & Technology (TA4406), study programme Tuinbouw en Akkerbouw.
Start date
Study duration
20 weeks
Learning path

About the programme

As a frontrunner in the horticultural sector, the Netherlands is host to many head offices of global companies. This exchange programme is aimed at students with innovative ambitions in or around primary horticultural production companies. Students will learn how to become starting managers, entrepreneurs or specialists in a specific horticultural sector. Not only will they gain experience and knowledge to apply in their future daily work, they will also be capable of initiating sector innovation. The Cultivation & Technology programme has been developed to prepare students for bachelor-level jobs like greenhouse manager, entrepreneur, crop specialist or technological advisor.

You will apply theoretical knowledge and gain practical insights during a real-life greenhouse cultivation project. You will also do a business game, a group specialisation project and individual research on a subject you find interesting. You will take classes in Plant Physiology & Greenhouse Growing, Plant Health, Irrigation, Cost Price and Management, among others. The curriculum includes several excursions and other classes to help you develop your soft skills.

Learning goals

At the end of the Cultivation & Technology - Greenhouse Cultivation programme, the student should be able to:

  • Manage plant-based greenhouse production - students can manage greenhouse cultivation because they can apply current scientific and practical plant horticultural knowledge to enable optimal and efficient performance of the cultivation process.
  • Business in the horticulture sector - students can consider and take responsible business decisions, risky or otherwise, based on assessment of possible developments in the sector and within legal and societal contraints. They can select and implement business strategies, recognise opportunities and turn them into viable business cases or innovations in the business process, either individually or in a collaboration.  
  • Consulting in the horticulture sector - students can collaborate with clients on their cultivation problems in search of possible solutions. They can identify issues with the client and focus on their interests. They can communicate clearly and in a business-like manner.
  • Acting independently - students manage their own performance and development.

Admission requirements

Aspiring students must have finished their first year of a Dutch HBO programme and have additionally obtained at least 90 ECTS from year 2 and 3 in a study programme related to greenhouse cultivation. In addition to basic knowledge of greenhouse cultivation we expect the following knowledge and skills;

  • The student knows the fundamentals of plant physiology, photosynthesis, greenhouse cultivation and technology, crop protection and irrigation in modern greenhouses.
  • The student has basic knowledge of business administration and business economics.  
  • The student has proven affinity with the field of greenhouse cultivation and business economics through education, work experience or internships at an undergraduate level.
  • The student can independently plan and organise their work and is able to work in a team.
  • The student has attained at least the following English language skills: level B2 in reading and listening and level B1 in writing and speaking.

How to apply as an exchange student

If you want to apply for this programme please click here for information on the procedure.

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