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Future Food Systems


Transformation with simultaneous innovation is necessary in the agricultural sector and 'as we speak' work in progress. Our supply chains are long and not always transparent. Our global markets are focused on cost price, and not based on a long-term sustainability perspective for the different stakeholders. During the Future Food Systems specialisation you will focus on more sustainable food production systems. And you will do your own research on the domain of your choice; animal, crop or food.
Start date
Study duration
20 weeks

About the programme

The new business models should respond to 'doing better things' and 'building resilience to uncertainties'. Within this module it is about that search for sustainable renewal, not about 'doing things better'. Starting from your own personal motives and values, we search for more sustainable production systems and more resilience to uncertainty and innovation; we go for 'value based change implementation'.

The 4th year 100% English spoken specialisation is divided into 4 main subjects:

  • Transition of a country or sector in the full scope of stakeholders, using Multi Level Perspective and Scenario Building (group assignment).
  • Values-based Personal Leadership as a motive for change and leadership of others. 
  • Circular calculations of process and business, using True Cost Accounting, Multi Criteria Analysis and New Business Models (group assignment).
  • Domain and individual research: Individual research within your own choice primary production or food.

The module combines individual and group assignments into an extensive search for more sustainable food systems.

During the individual research project you will develop and execute your own research on a current theme and relate this to your domain of choice; animal, crop or food. For instance, the theme of this year is legumes.

In the group project you will apply directly what you learn towards a Value Based Transition into our Agro Food System. Part of this research is desk study, but you will also be interviewing other stakeholders, and of course work closely together with your client. 

Learning goals

After completing this programme:

  • You will have ideas how to improve sustainability of the Global Agro-food system.
  • You know how to apply bio-based & circular economy principles in agro-food systems.
  • You are able to contribute to sustainable innovation in a sector (primary production or food processing/nutrition) and international business development.
  • You can provide advice.
  • You are able to execute project management and individual research.
  • You know how to network, influence, but also how to self-reflect.

Practical information

Practical information about the full programme of the 4th year specialisation Future Food Systems from HAS green academy:

  • Duration: 20 weeks
  • Date: September –  February
  • Eligibility: last year Bachelor degree programme
  • ECTS credits: 30 ECTS credits
  • Language of instruction: English

Admission requirements

The aspiring students have finished their first 3 years of higher education on bachelor's level, in which at least one major practical assignment or internship has been completed, in a programme related to: 

  • Agriculture,
  • Agribusiness,
  • Food production or
  • Environmental studies.

How to apply for an exchange programme, minor or specialisation

If your university is an exchange partner of HAS green academy you can apply for an exchange period at the International Office of your own university.

If you are from an institution without an agreement with HAS green academy, please get in touch with Loes Rosenberg at studentexchange@has.nl.

5 steps to apply

1. Apply for an exchange period

Please apply for an exchange period at the International Office at your home institution
(note: only when your home institution is an exchange partner of HAS green academy)

Partner institutions
2. Be nominated

The International Office of your home institution will nominate you as an exchange student at HAS green academy.


How to be nominated

Students can be nominated by sending an email to studentexchange@has.nl.

Please include:

  • the name,
  • date of birth,
  • gender,
  • e-mail,
  • period and
  • the programme the student wishes to apply for.
3. Info about application

After we have received your nomination, we will send you the information regarding your application at HAS (important deadlines, application form, required documents etc.).

4. Complete the application

Once we have received your (complete) application before the application deadline we will start to process it.

5. Status application and admission

After the application deadline you will be informed about the status of your application and admission at HAS green academy.

Nomination & application deadlines

Semester 1

  • Starting date studies
    28 August 2022
  • Nomination deadline
    April 2022
  • Application deadline
    May 2022

Semester 2

  • Starting date studies
    February 2023
  • Nomination deadline
    October 2022
  • Application deadline
    November 2022

Please note that it’s not needed to wait for these deadlines to apply. If you already know you would like to apply at HAS green academy, it’s possible to do this at an earlier stage.

Want to know more about exchange?

More info about exchange to the Netherlands, studying at HAS green academy and living in the Netherlands, can be found on our special Study at HAS page.

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