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Information about HAS University of Applied Sciences related to the coronavirus

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* Last update 15 January 2022* More information about HAS University of Applied Sciences and the coronavirus can be found on this page.

The Dutch government decided om 14 January that institutions of higher education will be permitted to re-open again from Monday 17 January to provide face-to-face education without 1.5-metre social distancing. This means that we will immediately revert to the original term 2 timetable on Monday and that we can welcome everyone in person to the HAS again. If study programmes made different arrangements, employee and students will be informed directly. We will also start providing our company training and courses again on Monday 17 January.

Extension of the face mask obligation

The face mask obligation has been extended. Wearing a face mask is mandatory during lessons and outside lessons - i.e. face masks must be worn at all times. An exception is made for lecturers who are at a distance of 1.5 metres from a group of students. They can choose not to wear a face mask while teaching. This exception does not apply to students or course participants.

Safe & healthy working at HAS

Safe and healthy working is based on the joint responsibility of all employees, students and course participants within HAS to observe the basic hygiene measures: sneezing/coughing into your elbow, washing your hands regularly, giving each other space and using the available hygiene columns. Daily measures include the cleaning of rooms, workplaces, general areas and toilets, with follow-up rounds to clean contact surfaces.

In addition, we ask employees and students to self-test preventively twice a week, especially if they have no symptoms. We also advise course participants to take a preventive self-test regularly. It can help identify an infection in good time, and prevent the virus from being transmitted to others unnoticed.

HAS University of Applied Sciences and corona measures

The health of students, staff and visitors is very important for HAS University of Applied Sciences, that is why we are closely monitoring developments related to coronavirus. We are following the guidelines and instructions from the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environmental Protection (RIVM), the GGD Municipal Health Service, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs relating to the coronavirus. Of course, HAS University is prepared for various scenarios so that we can take appropriate action if we receive guidelines and instructions to do so.

We are sending regular updates to students and employees via our internal communication channels and a special page on our intranet. This page is constantly updated as new facts become known. 

For general information about the coronavirus we refer you to the RIVM website

You can also ask questions calling the special national phone number +31 (0)800-1351.

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