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Careerday - Student Study Day

The Student Study Day will take place in 2020. We are organising this day for over 3,000 students, to inform them about the possibilities and options available during their studies. For example, internships and minors in the Netherlands and abroad.

The day consists of various elements, such as a Business Market, Meeting Plaza with 4th year students, information sessions about minors and a professional ‘fun’ part.

  • Business Market
    We believe it’s important to bring employers and students into contact with each another in the agrifood and living environment sectors, so that students can then get an impression of the possibilities for their internship, thesis or their future job perspectives. The Business Market is the perfect setting for this to take place.
  • Meeting Plaza with 4th year students
    Students are invited to the Meeting Plaza in the ‘Atrium’ to enjoy a quick bite and to speak to 4th year students who are happy to share their experiences about their internships and minors in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition, alumni from the past 3 years will also be present, for example to talk about how they found their dream job.
  • Information sessions on minors
    There are 3 minor options in the 3rd year that give additional content to your study programme in a unique way. The Study Day is the perfect opportunity to get extensive information about these possibilities, and to help you make your choice. Sign up now!
  • Professional fun
    This part of the day gives students the chance to shape your professional offline and online image in a fun way. This time you’ll have the opportunity to get your CV checked by HRM professionals, have your hair and makeup done by stylists and to then have your new image captured for use on your LinkedIn profile.

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