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Who will win the Frans van Leijden Award? Vote for your favourite now!

On Thursday, 10 June 2021, eighteen months after the death of our beloved and highly esteemed colleague Frans van Leijden, the very first Frans van Leijden Award will be presented during the GROW event in tribute to him. You can vote for your favourite now!

Vote for your favourite!

Watch videos of the nominees and vote. Voting closes on Friday, 21 May at 5:00 pm.
Ultimately, the decision rests with the jury, which has its own vision of the criteria but will, of course, take into account the preferences of the public.

These are the nominees:

Hester Schilt, because she is responding creatively to market developments to connect consumer and products.

Ben Flikweert & Miles Bühlmann, because of the incredibly impressive and fair goal that they're pursuing and wholly committed to.

Youri Timmermans, because he has the courage to make a difference in an industry where it's not easy to please everyone.

Vote for your favourite candidate now!


During the GROW event on 10 June, students in the Limburg agri-food area will surprise the business community with fantastic, innovative agri-food concepts. It’s an opportunity for new talents to show their best side to potential employers of the future. GROW will be held (as far as possible) at the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo and online.
More information about the programme and registration can soon be found at www.growlimburg.nl

For more information about the Frans van Leijden Award, visit our special Frans van Leijden Award page.