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Tasting the Future at HAS Food Experience 2024

Winners FoodmanShip Awards revealed! On 30 January, the promising winners of the FoodmanShip Awards 2024 were announced at the annual HAS Food Experience, organised by HAS green academy. Six driven students, almost ready to enter the job market, were awarded for their exceptional contributions to the food systems and nutrition of the future. All within the theme: 'Taste the Future'.

Together with over 140 fellow students, these driven students, all from HAS green academy, presented their innovative concepts that answered current challenges within the food industry, with a specific focus on health, sustainability and the transition of the food system.

The HAS Food Experience, now in its 16th edition, has proven to be the ultimate platform where talent and industry come together. The event grows year on year, evolving from a stage to a platform, giving ambitious students the opportunity to take their promising ideas and projects to market.

The winners

The projects were divided into five categories, with the following students being awarded as winners:

Category Sustainable Alternative Proteins

Concept: Biond

Explanation of concept: An innovative product developed with microbial protein in the accessible form of a protein bar, providing a nutritionally and sustainably progressive alternative.

Name: Annabel Romijn

Study: Applied Biology



Category Healthy Body and Mind

Concept: Het dishkoffertje

Concept explanation: Concept for the hypothalamic dysfunction patient group at the Princess Maxima Centre (Hospital). Treatment creates major nutritional challenges for children and their parents. It is a positive, creative concept that is nutritionally sound. It has a focus on what patients are allowed. Extra nice, it has potential to roll it out further for other target groups.

Name: Pip Bär

Study: Food Innovation

Category Sustainable Food Systems

Concept: Future scenarios for regenerative agriculture in the Netherlands

Concept explanation: This research was commissioned by ‘De Plaatsen’ and outlines future scenarios for regenerative agriculture in the Netherlands and describes the role of key stakeholders. This concept provides insight into the main focus areas for creating a future for regenerative agriculture in the Netherlands.

Names: Teun van Meurs, Joline de Roos, Jennifer Anderson, Nathan van Tilburg

Study: International Food en Agribusiness




Category Unwaste Reduce and Prevention

Concept: Anthony the Cocoa Bean

Concept explanation: A new Cruesli concept, using the whole cocoa fruit to increase the income of cocoa farmers, making use of the healthy properties of the cocoa fruit. Thanks to Antoon the Cocoa Bean, children learn that eating healthy is super fun as well as tasty!

Quote from one of the judges coming from the industry: "In terms of sustainability, this concept can become the first serious competitor for Tony Chocolonely"

Name: Tijn Wolters

Study: Food Innovation


Category Meaningful Food Innovations

Concept: Fractal modelling of root systems

Concept explanation: Fractals help us understand complex natural systems, such as root growth. A completely unique approach to plant breeding, creative, innovative, intelligent and proprietary. A passion for fractal mathematics has been used to predict abnormalities in plant growth through roots. Totally in keeping with the flow of latest aggrotech.

Name: Marnik van Geelen

Study: International Food & Agribusiness


Audience Award


Explanation of concept: A concept in which students have realised a sustainable production process in which grass proteins are used in the food industry. A sustainable substitute for soya, for example.

Names: Nienke Kwakkenbos, Bregje Geers, Roel Mastbroek

Study: Food Technology, Food Technology

Five aspects

The FoodManShip awards are granted each year by an expert jury consisting of a combination of HAS lecturers, HAS alumni and ambassadors (relations in the field). This year, the jury paid specific attention to a combination of five aspects:

  • Food knowledge - ability to use specific food knowledge and skills
  • Conceptual or systemic thinking - ability to think in abstract concepts
  • Creativity - ability to think outside the box
  • Entrepreneurship - ability to seize an opportunity and run with it
  • Presentation - ability to convince with a professional pitch.


The HAS Food Experience is powered by de coöperatieve Rabobank, Vion Food Group, Agrifood Capital, Refresco, Appèl Catering, Van Geloven, Gemeente Oss en Kraft Heinz.

Have a look at all the projects and concepts of 2024!

Sustainable alternative proteins

Unwaste reduce and prevention

Sustainable food systems

Healthy body & mind

Meaningful food innovations

Cursisten avondopleiding Vleestechnologie en alternatieve eiwitten

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