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Project ‘The Value of Fruit and Vegetables’ has officially started

Everyone knows that eating fruit and vegetables is good for you. But what is the exact effect of fruit and vegetables on your health? And how can we map out the value to health of fresh products? These are the questions that the top sector project ‘The Value of Fruit and Vegetables’ is aiming to answer. During this project, entrepreneurs will collaborate with academic institutions to find scientific proof of the effect nutrients have on the body and the value to health of fresh products.

Developing innovative methods for measuring

In the coming 4 years, at least 12 companies and four academic institutions will investigate the nutritional values of tomatoes, carrots, BroccoCress and a fourth product, yet to be determined. During the 4-year programme, two innovative measuring methods will be developed and combined. In the future, these methods will contribute to both more efficient and cheaper testing of what is actually in these crops, at the same time enabling better analysis of their effect on health. Herman Peppelenbos’ Green Health lectureship at HAS University of Applied Sciences is closely involved in the project.



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This project receives financial support from the Dutch Topsector Tuinbouw & Uitgangsmaterialen (Top Sector Horticulture & Propagation Materials). Within this top sector, business, academic institutions and the government work together on innovations in the field of sustainable production of safe and healthy food, and the development of a healthy, green living environment.