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HAS and Avans aim to improve the health and lifestyle of inhabitants through research programme

HAS green academy and Avans University of Applied Sciences are implementing a research infrastructure within the Healthy Living Environments programme, together with a large group of consortium partners. This will see the development of new knowledge, methods and best practices in the area of healthy living environments. These are environments that contribute to longer and healthier lives for the people in these environments. The educational institutions were recently awarded a SPRONG grant for phase 1 of the programme.

The Healthy Living Environments programme focuses on three living environments:

  • the food environment: the environment in which we live, work, relax and where food is provided
  • the green living environment that contributes positively to people’s physical, mental and social welfare, such as green spaces such as (city)parks, food gardens and nature or landscapes focused on promoting health
  • the urban environment: the design and layout of indoor and outdoor environments and all related aspects, such as climate proofing, improving air quality, reducing air and noise pollution, preventing (infectious) diseases and increasing security

Living labs

Living labs are an important part of the research infrastructure, in which inhabitants, researchers, educational institutions, health and welfare institutions, green companies, food (service) companies, urban planners and municipalities work together on projects and concepts that contribute to healthy living environments. This provides an opportunity to join forces and advance knowledge and expertise together. The duration of the entire project is 2023-2031.

Research programme

Social issues are increasing in size and complexity, requiring new answers and practical solutions. These issues have a direct impact on how educational institutions such as HAS green academy and Avans University of Applied Sciences determine their research programmes. Working together and connecting disciplines is key to this. Both HAS green academy and Avans University of Applied Sciences have the ambition to grow from educational institutions to knowledge institutions within the next few years, where research, education and industry collaborate to solve social issues.

Broad expertise

Within the Healthy Living Environments programme, HAS provides expertise in the areas of agriculture, food and living environment, with a focus on making our world healthier. Avans provides expertise in the areas of urban environment, participatory action research with inhabitants, behaviour and behavioural change, positive health, lifestyle, ICT use, robotisation and AI in design issues and Life Sciences in the area of measuring healthy environments.

Consortium partners

The Healthy Living Environments programme has the following partners: HAS green academy (coordinator), Avans University of Applied Sciences, Province of North-Brabant, Municipality of ’s-Hertogenbosch, Jeroen Bosch Hospital (JBZ), JOGG, GGD West-Brabant, GGD Hart van Brabant, Koning Willem I College (KW1C), Yuverta, Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS), AAG Organisatie & Vastgoed bv, Ruimtemeesters, Van Helvoirt Groenprojecten, Bamboo Brands, VITAM, Appèl, Coöperatie Creabitat U.A.