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HAS University of Applied Sciences is proud of the 15 alumni at the Food100 2020

‘Emerging talent and established leaders working daily for a better and more sustainable food system.’ This is how initiators Slow Food Youth Network, AgriFood Capital, Foodhub and Food Inspiration describe the people who will be at the Food100 2020. No fewer than 15 of them studied at HAS University of Applied Sciences.

In August, a professional jury announced the Food100 2020. Of the 350 applications, they chose 50 'changemakers' under 30 years of age and 50 'gamechangers' older than 30 years. The aim of the Food100 is to link talent with influence. This will create a network of food improvers who together will shape new initiatives. The Food100 is by no means a ranking list, the initiators say, but a current selection of 100 food changers of today and tomorrow. The list was officially presented on 31 August during Studio Food100, a digital event. Because of their outstanding achievements over the past year, the jury also named 6 food changers as ‘food heroes’ of 2020.

Selection criteria

The 100 candidates were selected by an expert jury based on 4 criteria:

  • Decisiveness: Will the candidate actually succeed in achieving their objectives?
  • Innovativeness: Is the candidate innovative in a particular area and do they set an example?
  • People, planet, profit: Does the candidate have a broad view on sustainability in the agrifood sector?
  • Sharing: Is the candidate able to share their knowledge, network and insights?

HAS University of Applied Sciences alumni

Chair of the HAS Board of Governors, Dick Pouwels: “HAS University of Applied Sciences has the ambition to help shape the development of the agrifood sector and the environment in which we live. We do this in both our education and our research activities. Of course, this is reflected in our alumni. I am always very impressed by the large numbers of developments and innovations in the companies and organisations they lead. In realising our ambitions to shape our sector, we are gradually improving the world in which we live. It’s great to see that the outside world also recognises this and is giving 15 of our alumni the opportunity to shine in the Food100.”

Some HAS alumni who are in the Food100 2020, have also won a FoodManShip Award or a HAS Award at HAS University of Applied Sciences.

We are proud to announce that the following HAS alumni are on the Food100 list!

Up to 30 years of age:

Annemarie de Ceuster
Director BAJK

Chantal van der Noordt
Owner GRUUN and I am GRUUN

Danny Joosen
Co-founder Restaurant5

Eva Flantua
Owner Studio Daagsch

Folkert de Jong
Founder and owner Albinsecta and Jaapie Food

Ivo van Dijk
Owner Dreug

Jeanne van Ittersum
Chairperson Trash'ure Taarten

Jesse van de Valk
Creative designer Too Good To Go and founder Support Your Locals

Josse Haarhuis
Owner PigMe - Buitengewone Varkens (Extraordinary Pigs)

Loes van der Pas and René van de Gevel
Pig farmers Bergeijkse Boeren

Sam Vreeke
Founder Concept Creation Chef

Simone Holleman
Brewer Ciders


30 years and above:

Geert van der Veer
Founder Stichting Herenboeren Nederland (Gentleman Farmers Foundation of The Netherlands)

Guus van Roessel
Dairy farmer De Dobbelhoeve

Jan Kuijpers
Co-owner Poultry farm Kuijpers Kip