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HAS University is partner of Delta Plan Biodiversity Recovery

HAS University of Applied Sciences has joined a unique network of farmers' organisations, companies, knowledge institutions, nature and environmental organisations and governments. This network, called Delta Plan Biodiversity Recovery, advocates a systemic approach to restoring biodiversity. An objective to which the HAS, as a green university of applied sciences, is happy to contribute to!

Restoring biodiversity

The decline of the kingdoms of animals and plants is happening very rapidly in the Netherlands. For this reason, some 19 parties have joined forces in 2018 to stop this negative trend. The Delta Plan for Biodiversity Recovery came into existence: an alliance that has now grown into a powerful platform for a richer future in the Netherlands. A Netherlands in which biodiversity flourishes and in which nature, agriculture and public space coexist in good balance.


Brand new partner

The Delta Plan Biodiversity Recovery now has an impressive list of partner organisations, including such resounding names as Agrifirm, Cosun, Naturalis, Natuurmomenten, LTO and Rabobank. And, from now on, also HAS University of Applied Sciences. By joining, HAS University of Applied Sciences wants to make a concrete contribution to a sustainable balance between people, nature and the economy through participation in working groups and delta laboratories.  In particular by making available the knowledge, expertise and networks of the HAS Expertise and Research centres ''Innovative biomonitoring' and 'Innovative entrepreneurship in rural areas'.


Dream of the future

Partners in the Delta Plan Biodiversity Recovery share the same dream: a thriving delta for man and nature. HAS University of Applied Sciences is also driven by this dream. From our commitment to the SDGs, entering into partnerships in achieving sustainability goals is a logical step. Together we stand stronger and achieve more!

Partner Delta Plan Biodiversity Recovery

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