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HAS green academy signs UN declaration of intent for more inclusive education

Educational institutions in the Netherlands should be a place where every student participates in education on an equal footing with other students. Where every student feels welcome and accepted no matter their background or beliefs. That is what HAS green academy is committed to and confirmed today by signing the UN declaration of intent.

picture of the signed treaty

The diversity of views and needs means that there is a lot of knowledge and perspectives within HAS. This sometimes makes things complicated, but at the same time is incredibly valuable.

Everyone at HAS knows how important biodiversity in nature is. The same goes for our students and staff, you want them to be as diverse as possible.

We need everyone to keep the food supply future-proof. It is therefore important that each individual can develop appropriately into who they want to become, but also that as an institution you try to get past your own blind spots. You can only include everyone if you know who all you have in house.''

With the signing, HAS green academy joins a network of over 35 universities of applied sciences and universities committed to making education as accessible as possible for every student.

The signing was part of the HAS4ALL event on 9 November. A day entirely dedicated to inclusivity, it featured various inspiring workshops, speakers and information booths.

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