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HAS Food Experience

Save the date: 1 February 2022

Register now: https://registratie.hasfoodexperience.nl/en/

The HAS has a rich history characterized by many transitions. Currently, the food industry is facing another transition. The HAS Food Experience has also been in transition in recent months. From the prospect of a physical event to the reality of today where we still choose for the safety of our students and visitors and switch to a hybrid event.

On 1 February you can participate online in the HAS Food Experience 2022. As every year, the focus is on the connection between students and the field. We are working hard on the program and aim to send it to you before Christmas with the option to register.

On the Road to 2030

We are on the road to 2030. A transition we are making together. This year's student projects are divided into 5 categories. Again with a focus on the SDGs.  Namely; Protein| sustainable alternative proteins, Healthy body and mind, Sustainable Food systems | the food chains, Unwaste | reduce and prevention, meaningful Food Innovations | nonSDG.

Our food talents are trained to make an impact and determine tomorrow's food choices, often in partnership with the industry.