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HAS Expo 2023

Discover the talent of our HAS students! This digital exhibit shows how our students use their talent to contribute to the solutions for sustainable food production, climate-robust landscapes and healthy living environments, among others.

HAS Expo overview

Over 150 posters were created, 23 of them in English. They are divided between the themes of agro, food, environment & nature and business & entrepreneurship. The posters give an insight into the real-life assignments they have carried out for various clients.

For your convenience, all the English-language posters can be found below in one set. You can also view them by theme and topic via the slideshow below.

During the exhibition we will show how we work, based on our HAS concept: students, teachers and professionals from the field working together on issues in the agro, food and living environment sectors.

Browse through the HAS Expo 2023

  • Food


    The first posters of each theme are in English, the remaining ones in Dutch. For ease of use we advise to view the posters in full screen.

  • Animal


    Within the animal theme, we show graduation projects that focus on various topics such as farmhouse climate, feed intake, grazing, closing cycles and the reduction of ammonia and methane emissions.

  • Living Environment

    living environment and nature

    On this page we show graduation projects that focus specifically on the theme of habitat and nature. Subject-specific selections can be viewed: Environment & Landscape, Water and Agriculture & Biodiversity. Please mind that almost all posters are in Dutch.

  • Plant


    View all graduation projects on the theme of plant here. The posters are divided by sector: Agriculture and Horticulture.

  • Business

    Business & Entrepreneurship

    On this page, see all graduation projects that focus specifically on business and entrepreneurship within the fields of agro, food and living environment. Think: digitalization, revenue models, certification and exploring new markets.

Want to work together with these enthusiastic young professionals?

Do you have issues within your organization for which you do not have the expertise and/or manpower in-house? Do you want to innovate, increase sustainability or expand? Our (graduating) students and professors like to take up the challenge for you. With our expertise and enthusiasm we ensure a suitable end result. Feel free to contact our advisors