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Orientation day International Food & Agribusiness

Learn more about the bachelor programme International Food & Agribusiness, meet students and reach out to the study advisor for information about the study programme.


09:00    Welcome & introduction to International Food & Agribusiness

10:00    HAS Tour

Walk-about showcasing HAS main building, lecture rooms, greenhouse, gardens, food hall, environmental sciences lab and other HAS facilities, the home of IFA.

10:30    Global Food & Agri Systems
Learn more about the exciting world of international food & agri systems, industry and the role and impact of the IFA study programme in this dynamic environment.

11:30    Break

11:30    Interactive working session:
Supply Chain Management
Get introduced to the world-wide challenges and opportunities within the cocoa supply chain and how IFA makes a difference.

12:30    Lunch Break

13:30    Interactive working session:
Management Game (incl. Marketing & Business Development)
Deal with a difficult marketing or business issue or two, and find out how you can manage complex business dynamics and situations through the IFA learning method.

14:30    Wrap-up Q&A & closure

15:30   End of the day

09:00 - 15:30

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